It is a very humbling experience to receive words of acknowledgement and praise from my clients.  When transformation takes place, most people want to say thank-you and it’s always appreciated when they do.  I believe that everyone already has the answers inside them and my job is to facilitate the extraction of those answers by helping people to remove the blocks that keep them separated from their higher selves and their wisdom.  We all have access to that wisdom and once we pierce the illusion of what ails us, the answers emerge and we are set free.  Thank you to the amazing clients who have been committed to the process of change – I honour you and I am in awe of how beautifully your lives have unfolded.

All my love,

Personal Testimonials

  • 2017 was a year of great confusion for me. I had suffered severe health setbacks, had gone into menopause and also as a result of total adrenal fatigue and acute burnout, too many intercontinental flights, to much pressure and too many hours in surgery , I slumped into the darkest of places and quite frankly wasn’t sure how I would ever find the light. Your name has been mentioned to me over a period of two years as someone I needed to connect with, as it was said that you may be able to support and help me find my feet whilst my world was in disarray both internally and externally. I finally picked up the phone and vaguely remember saying, “I have no idea who you are, what you do but I need to see you”. You then sent me a whole lot of questions and set up an appointment. I could hardly read at that point, let alone focus nor answer any questions but I did show up at the appointment. Miracles started to happen, your insights, gentle but firm guidance, your integrity and calm assurance that it would come right and I could do this, seeped into my soul, I sat on the chair in your room watching a whale out at sea as you weaved your magic, and the faith and light that started to happen was miraculous. The simple tools I remember that first appointment stay with me today - no news, exercise a little everyday, faith, sleep, spaces, and many more tools you continued to share whilst you supported and healed and restored my faith, as you worked with me, so did the Universe come back to welcome me, you will never know the gratitude I feel for the person you are. You gave me the courage to be brave and shine again, you gave me perspective and the torch to find the light. Sharon you are a creature of extraordinary healing and resilience - more than that the words are in my soul. I am deeply grateful and honored to be walking alongside you into our next chapters of this journey of life. With much Sarah

    Sarah Collins
    Sarah Collins WonderbagWorld
  • I participated in the Nov/Dec 2018 “Create Your Future Vision Board” with life coach, Sharon Castle.
    Perfectly timed, this event helped me in many ways and on many levels.  Recovering from breast cancer, this event helped me put my purpose in life back in line, giving me direction and confidence to proceed with unwavering determination and joy de vie
    The lessons learnt continue to feed me, both in my private life and professional.  We are truly blessed to have Sharon in our community, sharing her wisdom and passion for life with us all.
    Jane Digby Blacklaw (Artist)

  • The beauty about self-development is, unlike taking a horse to water and not being able to force him to drink, your own ability to develop personally lies with only one person, yourself.  Once those pictures are on a board on your wall, you can either leave it there till  it fallsl off, eventually putting it in the cupboard, or you can wake up each day, deciding to do something that brings you one step closer to it all. When I put mine up after my wonderful morning out with my bestie Judy and Sharon Castle, I consciously decided just that.  Everyday, I would wake up and ask “what will I do today to get me that one step closer to it all.  After all “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do!” It’s officially a proven fact, proven by myself in less than 8 months since I made my board and heard a story about some pink feathers.  #justsaying, if you want to know about the pink feathers then you need to make a decision to create a beautiful board with Sharon, no spoiler alert here I am afraid.  I will say this, once you start to see them, you can’t un-see them and oh my, it’s the most beautiful thing ever. My Story in a nutshell is this: As a self-employed, mother of two teenage boys now 18 and 16, things are more often than not challenging.  How you embrace that challenge and what you do about it makes all the difference. On the 10th of December 2017, I was fortunate enough to relocate to Ballito.  Having lived in White River for over 16 years, it was time for change.  Little did I know that this move would change my life so substantially both personally as well as for my small travel company. Determined to create a new start for my business, my two boys and myself, I joined the local Virgin Active Gym to get myself out and about.  For many years I had only just worked, cared for my children and spent very few moments doing anything for myself, not to mention my actual health. When people tell you that becoming active can change a person’s outlook on life, general mood, wellbeing and many other things it’s hard to believe.  Let me tell you this, it’s all very, very true. After a few short months I discovered my passion for Yoga and made new connections and friendships within a community of people in Ballito and the surrounding areas.  Through this newly found passion, I developed a whole new concept for my travel business and was introduced to Sharon Castle. Before my first holiday in over 5 years, toward the end of December 2018, my now best friend Judy, invited me to a vision board workshop with a lady called Sharon Castle.  What better way to end a year and start to a new year, on my return from holiday, than having my intention set for 2019, I thought to myself.  Let’s see if this vision board thing works I said.  After all, if you build it they will come, right?  Wow, that also turned out to be true! Sharon’s explanation and knowledge on the thought process, the way the brain works, the power of the mind and the fluidity of life was astounding.  Her passion, principles and excitement had me on the edge of my seat.  Suddenly everything I thought to be true and intuitively knew but never understood how, all made pure, logical sense.  By the time I got home, I was so excited, my board was up and I was ready for anything to come my way. It’s now August 2019 and that same excitement, belief and knowledge has not left me once.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not go to sleep at night while looking at my board and observing what I achieved and what I want to work on tomorrow, to move closer to my goal. My board is based around balance between work and life, family and home and also reminds me that I am conquering fears, finding true love and embracing all I can be and have.  Saying “It IS….”  rather than “I wish…..” is something that Sharon teaches and it works! Previously, I was a single-owner run business.  in February of this year, we became an amazing team of four, including myself.  On Friday the 16th of August I moved into an office and took my business, which I have run for the past ten years out of my home.  This now gives me the ability to separate the two.  A proper balance between, life and work.  With the assistance of a great team I can now take a little more time out for myself, also giving me more time to work passionately on my new business, We Move Active.  My new concept, was visualised while on my yoga mat but I was always nervous to fully embrace the vision. Eight months in, We Move Active has been on radio, assisted and hosted in 4 events, and we are working on even more projects.  A vision of having people enjoy the beauty of yoga and wellness, became a reality when we hosted International Yoga Day at Willard Beach in Ballito.  Attendance was over 40 people with R2000+ in donations raised for charity. My small Travel Business is no longer. it’s now a thriving creative entity which serves many people.  My two amazing boys are also thriving.  Just like me they have also created their own boards with Sharon at her Teen Create Your Future Vision Board Workshop.  They also learnt that the only way to achieve it, is to see it, and work toward it.  They two have discovered their own pink feathers. Never be scared to Dream.  Most importantly, remember that those dreams are a reality once you make it happen by jumping into your future with both feet and allowing it happen. Much Love and boundless Pink Feathers Paula Martini

  • I met Sharon when I was 16 and have been coaching with her ever since. Sharon really helped me through my toughest times during high school. I really battled with stress and everything that was going on at school but her coaching got me through it all and taught me how to deal with my stress. She helped me visualise everything I wanted. I achieved everything I dreamed of because of coaching with Sharon. I recently went to a workshop where we made vision boards and manifested what we wanted for our future. Everyone at the workshop was so blown away with the things Sharon showed us. I feel very secure in what my future holds after attending it. I think this workshop would benefit anyone but especially high school kids. It is such a great way to relieve stress. Making my vision board really helped to put a picture in my mind of what my future will be one day. It also helped me figure out my life goals and how to achieve them. One of the main things Sharon taught us at the workshop is how effort can be effortless, this is something I tell myself every time I have to tackle something in my life.

    I would really love for anyone to do this workshop as it will teach you so much about who you really are are. This workshop shows you that you can have anything you want in life and in your future and it gives you the means by which to accomplish it.

  • Donella Ponter

    I arrived on Sharon's couch for the first time back in September. I was afraid, scared, anxious, highly stressed to name but a few. I was lost. Completely and utterly lost and in the lowest place I had ever experienced. But I knew, just knew that I needed change! I wanted change.

    I needed the help to start that change.

    I had gone through a terrible heart ache - I was so frightened and lost.
I was completely insecure I had absolutely no
self confidence. The lack of self confidence and insecurity from a young girl was something I never dealt with.
My biggest fear - being on my own.
All of which I am still working on and getting stronger everyday.

    The unknown. The uncertainty.

    My health was in desperate need of repair.
I did hardly any exercise. I was going to Seymour’s Strength Training Gym however I was not committed. My eating- shocking!
Smoking sometimes 30 cigarettes a day!
Binge drinking most weekends.

    I had even lost the passion for my job that I had been doing and loved for 11 years.

    The stress and anxiety was months and months in the making and was building and building and by the way my lifestyle was it was showing! I had a complete breakdown and called out to sharon on possibly one of the worst days of my life.

    Sharon was and still is my angel. She made me feel exceptionally comfortable throughout my whole first session. We talked... or should I say she allowed me to talk. I did a lot. Things came out that I didn’t even know about myself! I didn’t realize how little love I had for myself for a very very long time.

    And all the time I was realizing with the support from Sharon was that everything I was doing and had been through was a choice. Choices I was making. No one else. I now had the choice to change!

    I had developed leaky gut syndrome which sharon diagnosed through Kinesiology which was a result of the stress, anxiety and un healthy life style.

    I'll never forget Sharon's words to me that day.
"Life hasn't happened to you, it's happened for you" I live by this everyday now. I was given another chance to love myself again. To live a life I want to live and enjoy living. To be healthier. To be stronger. Mentally and physically.

    I was given tools/homework by Sharon to take into my life to start the process of recovery within myself.

    From the minute I left I went straight to the shops. Piled the trolley high with the foods that would help my leaky gut. I knew I had to do this with every bit of strength I had. I owed it to myself.

    I bought the book I was recommended to read
I put into place my new mantra and my new self talk. I committed there and then to myself
I committed to the gym
I committed to my new eating habits
I committed to this new journey.

    Since that day I have not looked back. I have a brand new lifestyle.

    I train 4 times a week at Seymour’s Strength
Training Gym.
To look back to when I started to where I am now still shocks me! I used to watch people lift these weights and think to myself Ha! There’s no way I am going
to be able to do that!!! Well I am! .... And more!! I'm growing stronger by the day! Gary's unbelievable support, guidance and motivation - physically
and mentally in the gym during training has been incredible. I can't thank him enough for supporting me through this journey.

    I live a very healthy and balanced eating lifestyle.
My body has changed and strengthened in ways
I never new possible.
My 'old' self talk told myself that I didn’t have the body type to look 'that way'.

    I stopped smoking on the 2nd of January. (I never in a million years thought I could stop) well I did!

    I don’t binge drink every single day of the weekend. But I have fun! I live life!

    I have lost 3 dress sizes.

    I am beginning to find the love I never had for myself (my biggest achievement and journey so far)
I am growing stronger every single day.
I am exploring my spirituality!

    I've had my set backs during this time. I've had really bad days. I've made mistakes. I've battled with the fear. I'm still battling with fear. That we realized in
my 2nd session with Sharon. That 2nd session was amazing. It was around 8/9 weeks I think after my first session and the change just in that time was immense! Sharon couldn't believe it! Neither could I to be quite honest! I was in acceptance of everything.

    I had gone through. I was taking the steps day by day. I was relentless.
My leaky gut - gone!

    I'm still battling with occasional anxiety.

    I'm growing.... I will fall and I will continue to fall and make mistakes ... I mean we are human! Not perfect at all! We need the failures to grow and to learn.... I'm learning to recover faster from these moments and to not let them get me down but to rather learn from them and move forward. I'm being kinder to myself. I still have a long road ahead.

    But one things for sure. I will never go back to where I was. That's what gets me up 4 times a week to train. (Plus I thoroughly enjoy it)
That's what gets me to not pick up a cigarette.
I go out. I have fun. I am finding balance in all
areas of my life now and learning to listen to my gut and trust in myself.
This is my life style now!

    I'm excited. I'm grateful. I’m so eternally grateful to be where I am now. Grateful to all the people who have been on this crazy journey with me!

    I'm embracing the fear. Day by day.

    It's all about learning. It's all about the journey and I'm just so excited for what else is to come in my life!

    Thank you Sharon. Thank you so so much for guiding me in more ways than you will ever imagine and getting me started on this journey to a happier, healthier, ever changing, challenging, exciting life!

    Donella Ponter
    Donella Ponter
  • Sharon, I must congratulate you on coaching me. I was very depressed and thinking of going to a psychiatrist, but my cousin insisted that I do the coaching with you, so I decided to do so. Well, today I am very glad that I decided to do the coaching with you and not a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist would not have changed my life like the coaching because they concentrate on the past but your coaching in how to handle the present and future positively, even when something is negative (to turn it into positive). Peter is also very impressed with what I have achieved in my attitude by doing this coaching with you.  Actually I think that Peter as a person also gained by me doing the coaching.  When he is negative I "coach" him to be positive and it works. Now I have to teach my children, 12 and 5, but I can see that there is a attitude change in specially my son of 12.  With time they shall also see the positive. Our business is also doing very well since I have done the coaching and I do believe that it will continue that way. I will definitely recommend the coaching to other people because it worked for me. There is only one requirement when deciding to the coaching, a person has to be open minded and it will work (Like anything in life). Sharon, thank you again for coaching me with love and patience.  I will remember and be grateful for the coaching for the rest of my life as I cannot explain in words what it has done for me and my family. May you help a lot of people in the future like you helped me.

  • Being coached by you these passed few months has been a 'mind blowing' experience and by far the best investment that has been made in my personal growth and freedom. Sharon, you have been my sound board and mirror to the answers I have been keeping inside.  I am eternally grateful to you for holding a space of non judgements and love while I searched deeper and deeper inside myself for my 'bigger picture', purpose and truth. Thank you for keeping me 'on track', thank you for stretching me at times and most of all, thank you for celebrating my breakthroughs with me! I am finally comfortable in my own skin and what is more, I am celebrating being ME! Life coaching has been an enriching, life altering journey that I would recommend to any and everyone!

  • Having completed many one-on-one coaching sessions with Sharon Castle, I feel that I do have a unique insight into the potency and power of the systems and processes she uses, and the dynamic change that is effected when these are carefully considered and employed in the lives of her clients.
    During the MindFit for Life programme, participants are gently guided through a series of different techniques including fasting, meditation, supplementation, detoxing and various stress management and relaxation processes. These all contribute to the process of ridding the body of toxic build up and enabling us to enter into a renewed level of communion with the body and mind.
    The programme is divided into 5 intense 2 hour sessions, each building on the previous one, as we ventured on a journey further and further down the path of self-discovery. Participants are encouraged to conduct a certain amount of their own research and engage with the material in their own time, and this really helped us to get to grips with the information we were imparted with each week.
    Sharon often said that although she had a rough idea of the content she wanted to share during each session, she is deeply in touch with her innate knowing and awareness, and at times used her intuition to take the group where she felt we needed to go in order to learn and grow into such an exciting new space.
    The MindFit programme is so incredibly powerful, and has contributed in the most dynamic way to my life. I feel so much more in tune with my body and what it requires, and I am able to tap into mental and physical capacities I only ever dreamed of. I thank you most deeply and sincerely Sharon, for your ongoing contribution to me and my life.

    Kelly P
    Kelly P
  • I’m quite a ’strong’ woman that has overcome many difficulties and I’ve experienced some lovely triumphs during my lifetime too but for some years I’ve been faced with challenges that have become increasingly harder to deal with and I’ve erroneously thought I’d get through this on my own. Thankfully I was still ’sane’ enough to reach out for support and guidance and I am so grateful that I found you! The year 2016 has culminated into what feels like my most difficult yet bringing me ‘uncomfortably’ close to complete breakdown in all aspects.  A little more than two years ago I thought I would never be able to overcome my grief for the loss of my little boy Ataa and I’ve been mentally and physically exhausted for several years.  I work very hard because I love to. My life is full and busy and I demand much from myself and I get a lot done.  I’m quite talented and rather successful in business but somewhere I lost ‘me’ and my marriage of almost 20 years is ending in divorce – a difficult and acrimonious one. Thankfully the universe spoke ‘loud and ‘clear’ and I listened because the results and feedback I’ve been getting needed action.  Serious action.  It is thus with enormous gratitude that I thank you with all my heart for being a terrific life coach, for helping me find the ‘cheese’ in another spot, for pointing out to me that there is a different thought process and a different approach that will (and has) brought about better results, inner security and a deep sense that all is ‘well’ and as it should be.  Instinctively we know what is good for us and so we must learn to be brave to bring about the ‘better stuff’. When others are astounded and they comment on how ‘calm’ and ‘well’ I’m doing under the circumstances, then you know that from near ‘breakdown’ came ‘breakthrough’!  I’m healing and finding the authentic ‘me’ again.  The higher self keeps calling and I’ve come to understand, feel and believe that I indeed have value.  We all have value.  I’m feeling happier than I have in years and the ‘joy’ has finally come for the 19 years I had with my precious brain injured son.  I now look back on those 19 years with gratitude and warmth and respect for the gift of unconditional love and an experience that has enriched me greatly as an individual.  Of course I’m sad and feel ‘loss’ for my marriage has come to an end but I honestly wish my husband well just as I am finding gratitude in what ‘was’ and indeed what is still to come in my own life.  Coaching others I’m certain is not for the ‘faint hearted’ so I deeply thank you again for your commitment, knowledge, guidance and integrity.  Thank you so much for showing me ways to get to the ‘breakthrough’ and that dignity and self-respect are always ingredients that will serve us well.  Being coached has become a wonderful tool in my ‘toolbox’ of life and the perspective that it can and does bring.  Whilst I’m not saying I’m a ‘dependent’ sort of person, being coached by a terrific professional is adding loads of value to my life and future in every aspect.  I honour you for being who you are and the incredible work you do but perhaps most of all the knowledge that I can trust you fully.

    Diddi J
    Diddi J
  • I had suffered major anxiety and then depression for 6 years. During this time , I tried everything and seen psychologists, psychiatrists , homeopaths  and neurofeedback therapists to name a few! I eventually somehow heard about Sharon Castle and decided , why not add a Life Coach to the list too . My life  had made a 360 degree turn once I started seeing Sharon. She suggested I change my diet as well as practice gratitude and meditation. I tried the diet and felt amazing in just a week! It ended up becoming a lifestyle and that is how a little healthy food and juice business called Freshly You was born. 6 years later I am an entrepreneur, businesswoman and mother of a beautiful 21 month old precious boy ( for someone who couldn't even get out of bed most days) . Prior to meeting Sharon , I would have never dreamed of this, especially having a child, since I felt like I couldn't get my anxiety in order , let alone take care of another little human being .Sharon had given me tough love and that is what made me the person I am today ! I created a Gratitude Journal in hope to help those who need it. This little daily practice which I l had learnt from Sharon , saved my life ! Sharon, thank you whole-heartedly for giving me my life back and showing me that with gratitude and meditation , anything is possible ! You have been such a MAJOR inspiration to me and for that I am eternally thankful.  May you be forever blessed for all the good you do for others. 

  • I could write pages about you and your work, but, in summary: Sharon has an upbeat manner and is very positive. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the areas that I really wanted to improve. I found my sessions with Sharon to be a most pleasurable experience which provided me with positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make. In summary, Sharon has enabled me to transform my thinking and therefore my life and I will be forever grateful. No matter where you find yourself in life, Sharon brings eloquence, knowledge, experience, empathy and a truly magical energy and her presence can only ever be a positive one. 

    Fiona B
    Fiona B
  • You came highly recommended to me through a serious of synchronistic events and I initially sampled the waters with some much-needed clearing and re-balancing.  Those kinesiology sessions were extremely powerful and profound, to say the least.  We spoke about Life Coaching, but I was honestly not convinced by the whole idea of it.  I had been exposed to the concept many times before but I was not sold on the clinical, goal-oriented approach that I perceived it to be. But something about you was very different.  You are deeply connected with the metaphysical realm, but also grounded and practical with regards to living an authentic life in the ‘real world.’ Add to this your ability to listen with an open-heart and cut through all the nonsense to quickly get right to the essence of the matter.  You also have the amazing capacity to reflect back in a loving and non-judgemental way, whilst remaining completely honest and direct.  This was exactly what I needed and I signed up for a 12 session package. When we started, I felt stuck, stagnant and unfulfilled.  Right from the outset, the process proved to be daunting, challenging and exciting at the same time.  After some eye-opening self-reflection, inspired by your questionnaire, we defined my goals and devised some tangible strategies.  You worked me out very quickly and masterfully steered me through the inner-conflicts I had been wrestling with for so long: Goals vs Flow; Striving vs Letting Go; Motivation vs Inspiration; Discipline vs Freedom; Faith vs Trust; Courageous vs Fearless. I looked forward to our sessions every week as we quickly gathered momentum.  You pulled me back on track whenever I deviated and you kept me focused and enthusiastic about the process and the direction I was heading.  The results started to show before too long and that just added fuel to the fire.  The 12 sessions seemed to fly by so quickly, but when you read my “Coaching Journey” back to me in that final session I was completely blown away by how much ground we had covered as well as the transformation it revealed. I can honestly say that I feel like a completely different person.  I am more inspired, passionate, energised, focused and aware than ever before. Testament indeed! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with me Sharon. You were 110% present and committed at every single session, no matter what else was happening in your life.  You are completely authentic, extremely conscious, loving, sincere and beautifully assertive.  I have absolutely no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending you as a Life Coach.  Please feel free to pass on my contact details to anyone who is considering the process.

    Graham O
    Graham O
  • I have been thinking of what to write as I have so much to say! My journey started 2 years ago when I felt like I couldn’t carry on with my life. I had officially hit rock bottom, I lost who I was and what I was about, but through the coaching with Sharon Castle, I was given the tools to re-hard wire my brain, to think in a more positive way, and from then on my life changed forever! I have been able to apply the tools she gave me in every aspect of my life, from the ups and downs to the tears and laughter, my life has changed in the most incredible way. Every single person I have met and spoken to has always gone away with something positive, a tool they can use in their own lives. I look at myself now in a way that I never have before, a way that lets me know that everything will be OK; if it’s not OK it’s not the end as Sharon would say! In life, we go through so much and being able to harness the tools of a different way of thinking impacts one’s life to such an extent that you will never have to look back, it becomes a way of life adapted to suit you, no person is the same and as such everybody has their different outlook on life, but if the way of thinking is applied it adapts to you. It’s not all about the mind but it makes up a component of the body so the two work together, if we stop negative thoughts in its tracks and switch that to thoughts of positivity, then we can slowly but surely stop the poisoning process of the mind which in turns also poisons the body! The mind and the body work hand in hand - if you’re unhealthy, your mind will be unhealthy and vice versa. Sharon has not only changed my life but she has taught me that its OK to feel  the way we do and accept the things we feel and with that, think in a way that will only better you.  With this I am truly humbled and grateful to Sharon for guiding me in the right light, for teaching me that there is life after rock bottom and most of all to master my mind to a different consciousness.  Much love, and Thank you!

    Hannah E
    Hannah E

Corporate Testimonials

  • As a business owner or business manager, regardless of your field of expertise, I am sure we will have one thing in common. We want our businesses to be successful. And, lets face it, we all want to be successful AND live a happy life.
    You will most likely, like me, have a team working with you or for you to accomplish your goal in increasing sales, profit and business growth. And you have probably also faced the reality that your staff may not always be achieving their full potential, mainly due to personal issues or “life happening to them”. In my line of business, and this will apply to any service or sales related industry, if my people are “ok”, my business is “ok”. If they are happy and positive this has a direct impact on their day to day performance in your business. Same applies if they are not happy, sick or depressed. Energy is infectious – even over the phone. Have you considered the impact this may have on your business when a client calls your business and they speak to a staff member that sounds depressed and generally not really interested in helping? This happens a lot. In fact it happens so often that we tend to be really impressed when we do speak to someone that is genuinely positive and helpful. Sadly this is not the norm today…
    Positive energy and a positive outlook on life has been important to me since I can remember. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Sharon Castle some years ago, at an intimate dinner where she shared some of her wisdom on training your brain. Shortly after that evening Sharon assisted me with a course on raising the bar for my team of recruiters. The impact she made, from that very first session 3 years ago, has been significant. For my staff it has been life changing. For my business is has been such a big win that Sharon is still training my team – they have such a hunger for her energy, her wisdom and the information she shares.
    I am very fortunate today to say that Sharon has been responsible in the transformation of attitude and self-belief within my team. Targets that they set for themselves (and which they had never achieved before) have since been exceeded. They have implemented their new way of thinking in their personal lives and this has had a tremendous positive effect on their families as well.
    My office is a great place to be – my staff care for each other, respect each other and love the fact that they can enjoy their work environment in a way they never thought possible. This filters down to how they relate with my clients and naturally this has resulted in further success for my company.
    In short, if you think of softer, life skills coaching as insignificant, I can tell you that the impact this training has had on my staff and my business has had a far greater reach than corporate sales or marketing training my staff have attended. It becomes a personal journey for them to become more successful and happy, which will have a direct impact on productivity, strategic thinking and results. Align their personal growth and development with your company vision and goals and you will have a winning strategy!
    If you care about your staff, their wellbeing and their success within your business, I strongly recommend Sharon Castle to help you and your team reach new heights on personal and professional levels.

    Lindie W
    Lindie W Business Coaching at MNA Recruitment