It is a very humbling experience to receive words of acknowledgement and praise from my clients.  When transformation takes place, most people want to say thank-you and it’s always appreciated when they do.  I believe that everyone already has the answers inside them and my job is to facilitate the extraction of those answers by helping people to remove the blocks that keep them separated from their higher selves and their wisdom.  We all have access to that wisdom and once we pierce the illusion of what ails us, the answers emerge and we are set free.  Thank you to the amazing clients who have been committed to the process of change – I honour you and I am in awe of how beautifully your lives have unfolded.

All my love,

Personal Testimonials

From my first conversation with Sharon I felt hope, confidence and warmth.  I knew i was on the right path.  I had never done any form of life coaching and Read More
Cherene Thompson
"I have had the incredible privilege to be coached by Sharon Castle. It has been the most amazing journey of personal growth and expansion, leading to me, becoming more ME! Read More
Nicky Potgieter
My experience coaching with Sharon has been profound. It really opened up a new realm of awareness into my life. Before coaching I was living a very stressed and anxious Read More
JP Sobrevilla
Nearly a year ago, I met Sharon and started my coaching journey with her. I realized during the year (2019) that I wanted to change my vocation, I wasn’t happy Read More
Adri Jaya
It was about time that I put up my hand to seek assistance in what had become a confusing and unmanageable season in my life. Coaching with Sharon is a Read More
Ryan Heenan
It gives me great pleasure to write about my life changes and experiences after meeting Sharon Castle in 2013. From my first meeting, Sharon changed the way I see myself, Read More
Sadhna Singh
Karien van der Wal | Sharon Castle Coaching
Initially I sought help from Sharon so I could address issues in my relationships such as with my marriage to my husband of 18 years, and to grow on a Read More
Karien van der Wal
I could write pages about you and your work, but, in summary: Sharon has an upbeat manner and is very positive. It was great to look at my life holistically Read More
Fiona Bowden
Did you know you are responsible for your own happiness? Did you know you are capable of maintaining you own frequency regardless of the surroundings? Did you know you are Read More
Cathy Wanjohi, Zinge Afrika Creations
2017 was a year of great confusion for me. I had suffered severe health setbacks, had gone into menopause and also as a result of total adrenal fatigue and acute Read More
Sarah Collins - Wonderbag
I participated in the Nov/Dec 2018 “Create Your Future Vision Board” with life coach, Sharon Castle. Perfectly timed, this event helped me in many ways and on many levels.  Recovering Read More
Jane Digby Blacklaw (Artist)
The beauty about self-development is, unlike taking a horse to water and not being able to force him to drink, your own ability to develop personally lies with only one Read More
Paula Martinis
I met Sharon when I was 16 and have been coaching with her ever since. Sharon really helped me through my toughest times during high school. I really battled with Read More
Georgia Kuun

Corporate Testimonials

As a business owner or business manager, regardless of your field of expertise, I am sure we will have one thing in common. We want our businesses to be successful. Read More
MNA Recruitment