Second Life

a Zoom chat with Kerry Hardy

23rd of June at 7.30pm

Kerry Hardy | Sharon Castle Coaching

“To LIVE is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde

I love this powerful quote and I am looking forward to speaking to the incredible Kerry about the experience that made her realize how important TRULY living is!

I will be chatting to Kerry LIVE on Zoom on 23 June (Tuesday) at 19:30 / 7:30PM about how a horrific car accident started a life CHANGING journey for her.

I would love to have YOU join me on what promises to be an amazing conversation,  book your place using the form below.

A snippet from what Kerry has shared with me about her journey…


I survived a horrific car accident in September 2018. It has taken a year and a half for me to find myself again! But when I did, it was phenomenal! NOW, I am in a happy place! I am myself again and I am ALIVE!

My accident happened on the M4 at about 7am on a Saturday morning. I was on my way to a philosophy meditation morning in Durban when my car was t-boned by someone driving in my lane riving directly towards me, in the rain. Those were the first moments in which my life had begun to change drastically…

I was in intensive care for about 6 weeks and had lots of intense operations. I was in a touch and go situation for my survival everyday. But I SURVIVED thanks to my inner fighting spirit.

I was surrounded by people, including my friends and family who thought I wouldn’t survive! But against ‘all odds’ – Here I AM! Happy and healthy!

I have two beautiful children, who survived this with me in their own way, they were safely at home when I had my accident. I will be forever grateful for them for their strength, courage and resilience through all of this.

This devasting experience changed me in so many ways. I would never wish this on anyone, BUT I would LOVE to share the lessons it has taught me, especially the lesson on APPRECIATING life more and on truly living everyday!  I have my amazing family to thank for their continued love and care for me and my survival…Now the stars shine for me and I LOVE it!”

*The event is FREE however advance bookings are essential. You will be sent a Zoom joining link so you can tune in LIVE!

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