Let’s get REAL

This blog is real. It’s real because what I’m talking about here has really happened and life became very real for me this past month.

I’m not one that slavishly follows what’s happening with the planets or the cosmos and in fact I don’t read horoscopes or buy into formulas and concepts that label me or my clients into some group that defines who we are and how we’re meant to operate. I apologise if you are a believer in any of these ideas but what I have just witnessed these past 4 to 5 weeks has been clear evidence that we honestly are not in control of almost everything.

I think that what any of these concepts try to do is to give some hope to people who don’t have answers and feel that if only they understood what was going on they may feel happier. I see that it’s the need to make sense of the difficulties of life that has people desperate to know something that might help them to live their lives in a more peaceful way. So I’m not dismissing any of the personality type scores or tests that are popular but hear me out before you reject what I’m saying.

I don’t understand any of what’s gone on these past few weeks and trying to unravel or go back into the past to understand why, has been pointless and frustrating and hasn’t given me any answers at all. Yes, I can try and make sense of the death of a local hero or the tragic accident of the innocent and wonderful young people in our community that died alongside their driving instructor or the accidents that took the lives of more young people. I can also counsel those who are mourning their loss and help them to understand where their pain and feelings of sadness are coming from (thoughts and thinking) but the truth is I just don’t always know why these things happen.

Of course I can drag myself back into my past in an attempt to see where I went wrong and why a very close family member has rejected me and verbally abused me but I’ve seen through my years of coaching experience and my own personal situations that this isn’t helpful and in fact creates even more pain and anguish so I try not to do that either.

I absolutely can reflect on my life and the people in it and why we are connected and I often do, but the fact is I don’t really know why and I definitely cannot see into the future to predict the reasons so I stopped doing that too.

This is what I do know. I know that living in the moment is by far the best decision I make, moment by moment, that gives me the peace and contentment I used to chase until I found out about three simple and incredible principles.

I do know that I am loved, guided and living my life the best way I know how and that gives me joy.

I definitely do know that if I keep showing up and doing what feels right for me to do, in real time, I’ll get to enjoy a problem-free life as I’m powerfully shown the way so I can take the
next step.

And finally I completely and absolutely do know and understand that should I follow this inner guidance that I was born with which is unshakable, unbreakable and untaintable I will always be ok, no matter what goes on around me. If it’s true for me, and for the hundreds of thousands of people who have been deeply impacted by these principles of truth, then it must be true for you too. Listen to this podcast (if you would like to understand more about these principles). Every time, always, without any shadow of doubt there is one overriding and absolute truth and it’s this:

“When you start to see the power of THOUGHT and its relationship to your way of observing life, you will better understand yourself and the world in which you live”

“THOUGHT is the missing link between mental sickness and mental health.

THOUGHT is also the missing link between happiness and sadness”
“Your personal mind activates your thoughts and makes them good or bad”

~ Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

All my love