Smashing the myth of how life works

There’s a common belief that happiness is something you have to look for. I used to believe that too. Eventually after exhausting myself with my affirmations, meditations, journal writing, juicing, fasting, exercising and so on and so on…….. believing that I had to tick all the boxes that the experts told me I had to achieve or else I would be unhappy.

Almost eight years ago I stumbled across the 3 principles and these profound truths have been the underpinning of my life and my work ever since. My life changed… dramatically, and so did the lives of my clients change too. My husband started changing in front of my eyes and those that were willing to listen, experienced similar shifts in their thinking and their lives changed.

When I reflect on how I used to believe that when my circumstances changed I would feel happier, I realize how futile and useless that belief was. It never worked. I’d try and control things and use all sorts of techniques and tools in an attempt to convince myself that everything would be ok as long as I could control my thinking. Temporarily I would feel better but as soon as I stopped using the current and popular tool of the time, I was off searching for something better because it wasn’t sustainable. My to-do list of what I needed to do in order to feel peace grew longer and I grew tired.

These days I find myself with more time to enjoy life because I’ve stopped chasing, pushing and driving myself to exhaustion with trying to feel better and do better. My days are full and there’s a lot going on in my life, yet I feel energized and enlivened as opposed to constantly wanting to rest or take a break, because I couldn’t cope with the pressure. When I realized that pressure is a self-inflicted condition, my head spun. What? You mean I was creating this pressure myself? I was doing this to me and no-one else was responsible for the way I was feeling? I’ll be honest, it came as a shock. I thought that I was doing everything I had to do so that I could have a better life and the reason I wasn’t enjoying a better life was because the people in my life, didn’t do what they needed to do and what I expected of them.

Today I see the arrogance of what I thought yet I know that I was innocent in my conclusions about how life worked. These days I live in a calm and unpressured way and it’s made all the difference to my health, my wealth and my happiness.

What I know today is that I am always feeling the quality of my thinking and if that quality is misaligned with how I want to feel, then I know I’m off-course. Simply by noticing that I’m feeling off-course, I naturally self-regulate my emotions and I feel better. Sometimes it takes a few seconds and sometimes it takes longer but the most important thing is I now KNOW how it works because I’m experiencing it on a daily basis and it’s a game-changer.

It’s so simple. No really! Would you like a simpler approach to life? Most people that coach with me discover this pretty quickly through the Transformational Coaching sessions we conduct at Mindfit Coaching Academy.

It feels like a revolution! There is paradigm shift taking place as the world wakes up to the fact that we cannot separate our spirituality from our psychology. Understanding that thinking is a wonderful gift we get to use either as a weapon or as a tool, is the game-changer most people are looking for.

“I’m not good enough. I’m not qualified enough. I’m not clever enough” are ways we use our thinking as a weapon against ourselves. Once you’ve seen that you’re doing this and you keep noticing when you do, you’ll naturally begin to feel better and when you feel better, you do better.

This isn’t a technique or a tool and you don’t have to practice it. It’s a natural in-built system that requires nothing more than your observation.

Here are some testimonials (click here) of people just like you. They also tried to live life in the same exhausting way that I did, then they uncovered the truth and their lives shifted in the most wonderful ways. They experienced the joy of using their thinking as a tool rather than as a weapon. Maybe one day, you’ll see your name on this blog post featured as a powerful example of how your life changed? Maybe you’ll discover your truth and your purpose through coaching and live more peacefully and happily? You won’t know if you don’t find out. How about now? Connect with me here