Sometimes I’m UP and Sometimes I’m DOWN

What a bumper August it’s been!  Sometimes I need to pinch myself when I reflect on the wondrous way that life is unfolding.  At first blush you may read that sentence and feel curious about how this is possible when you reflect on your own life and if that’s the case, I’m inviting you to our free Awakening webinar this week Wednesday 31st August at 10am.   I hope you join us and hear how you can change your life and live the life you’re dreaming of. Get the info from and if you can’t join us but want to receive the recording, contact Dee and she will make sure to get it to you.  I’ll be teaching some powerful principles and answering your questions so don’t miss this one!

August started off while I was travelling around Africa in a 4×4 with a roof-top tent and that was an adventure of a life-time.  But what was even more incredible was the beautiful Graduation event on the 20th of August which saw 8 powerful women complete their certification as Transformational Life Coaches with the Mindfit Academy.  I am extremely proud of our coaches and if you’re looking to be coached through anything, I encourage you to contact us and we’ll find a coach to help you achieve your goals and follow your dreams.

We also registered our NPC – “Wings of Hope – Mindfit Outreach” and I’m in awe of how effortlessly this Mental Wellbeing entity is already making a difference in the community by offering free coaching to those that have experienced loss and trauma and cannot afford coaching.  You can find out more by contacting our Project Manager, Cheryl at

In between we have successfully run several events and workshops and this week we will conduct our first training for 30+ social workers at the Tongaat Child and Welfare Society.

That’s all the “UP” stuff.

But as we know, life happens while we’re busy making plans and the “DOWN” stuff still surprised me and often upset me but has made me even more aware of how important it is to understand how the human mind works. Knowledge is power when it means you know that you will naturally auto-correct and that thoughts can change faster than government policies do. (lol)  That understanding helped me navigate all the difficult situations I experienced this month and I managed things with as much calm as I could muster.  Nothing consumed me and I never dropped any balls  while I was busy with so many other delightful “UP” things.

I wanted to share that with you because  you see, just because you have some knowledge, information or even feel that you’re enlightened doesn’t mean that life won’t throw a few curved balls at you.  It happens to everyone.  The good news is, both you and I are designed to handle everything that comes our way because it’s part of the way we’re made.  The only thing that trips us up is the way we think about those curved balls and it’s not the curved balls that are causing the suffering.

I’ll end with this quote that I’ve heard from several mentors and teachers that do the same work as me and it’s this very subject I will be teaching on, on Wednesday 31st August on the FREE webinar and it’s this:

You are always FEELING your thinking, not your circumstances.” 

If this sounds confusing or interesting then I hope you will invest an hour of your time to improve your life by learning how your mind works and how you can be happier. Please join me on Wednesday 31st August or request the recording that dee@mindfitlifecoaching will happily send your way.

All my love


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