“LOVE” – My word for 2022.

“Think about it, there must be a higher love
Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above
Without it, life is wasted time
Look inside your heart, and I’ll look inside mine”

I was reminded recently that I had almost seemed to have dropped my ‘connectedness’ with the word, why I chose it, and all that it represents for me this year. After a tough few weeks during what was ‘supposed’ to have been an amazing time spent with my family, I found myself in the dregs. Unmotivated, anxious, abrasive and not feeling very present and connected to those around me. I was floating on my own planet but knew that It wasn’t really where I wanted to be – I wanted to be connected again and present.

I took some time to get still, I prayed and asked the divine to give me some kind of guidance and to show me what I needed to see, or in this case, hear what I needed to hear. The download came after I felt the nudge to ground myself in one of the best ways I know how… in music! Whilst looking for the song I felt would perk me up, the song from which the above lyrics are taken is the song that ended up being played on repeat for about 30 minutes.

I was reminded that LOVE is such an important thing. We need it. I first had to love myself in the form of forgiving myself for being a little off sorts, for allowing myself to feel what I needed to, and acknowledging that it was ok. Next was the reminder to love those around me for exactly who they are. I started feeling the love take over and it was literally STREAMING through me, so much so that I felt I just needed to share it with everyone! I cranked up the volume as loud as can be in my earphones and let loose and danced around my yard with a broom in hand and some very tribal and cathartic dance moves in the sunlight (Which has been so welcomed after the heavy flooding) making massive welcoming gestures with my arms as I welcomed in the higher love and covered myself in all its glory!

My day turned around JUST LIKE THAT! That power of being still and coming back to what grounds me and holds me steady is what made all the difference. It was the shift in my thoughts that got me there. Had I sat out there in my existing thoughts, my day would have been just that, simply an ‘unhappy’ day, but once I caught my thoughts, had that beautiful download and guidance from my inner wisdom, and had a look inside my heart, I could literally flip the day on its head and an explosion of love was born!

We can do amazing things when we do them with love and I think we can all agree that the world needs it right now. But it was also a gentle reminder that when I am caught up in my thoughts, it’s hard for me to love, in fact, I do the complete opposite. I was so annoyed with myself that day when I could feel that I was out of tune, I was irritated with myself for not being more divinely connected to my own wisdom, like ‘how dare I have an off day!’… But as I was lovingly reminded this past week in one of our Mindfit bonus sessions with the lovely Azul who helped point us back to ourselves, noticing that we are off track, annoyed, irritated, not feeling ourselves, grumpy, and even unreasonable IS our wisdom tapping us on the shoulder. THAT IS WISDOM… To notice. Sometimes it needs to be uncomfortable, but the good news is that it is only temporary and we can always come back to love.

– Erin Dickson, Mindfit Youth Coach.