Getting good at getting good!

February was both a celebratory month for me as well as a turning point. There comes a time for every person who takes on the spiritual journey that can be looked back as a time when everything changed. February 2022 was that time for me.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to experience what it would feel like if I was to commit to a daily practice of immersing myself into following a certain path to deepen my understanding of life and to discover more of who I am meant to be.

This may come as a surprise if you know me even a little bit, as most people tell me after meeting me even briefly that I come across as a spiritual person who knows who she is. Well the truth of the matter is that sometimes I do know and sometimes I’m as confused about my path, my purpose and my life as the rest of humanity.

Opposed to the popular belief that I bought into that I am very different and not like anyone else, I have come to realize that I am about as normal as everyone else and yes, I mess up, screw up and often even #@$& up so badly that I wonder if I’ve ever learnt anything at all.

Fortunately stumbling across the 3 Principles that has become the basis of my work, my life and my very existence I feel that I have been given the biggest gift and the greatest knowledge I could ever have received – that I will sometimes get it right and I will sometimes get it wrong and that’s ok. In fact, it’s more than ok because now I notice when I feel bad about things and simply allow the natural flow of what is built into me to help me to bounce back.

I’m not sure what words will resonate with you but what helps me to understand this is something my coach said it’s this – “You are born with a self-correcting internal navigation system and should you allow yourself to be guided by life, you will simply flow with life rather than be in resistance to life and that will make the biggest difference.”

I know that hearing this will be confusing for most people. Like you, I was raised in a culture that insisted that I must strive, drive, bend, break and do more, more, more if I wanted to have any success and enjoy a life of peace and happiness.

What a bunch of baloney! Do I work hard? Yes, I do but allowing myself to make mistakes without beating myself up and taking a break when I know I need to gives me an opportunity to show up for myself in an even better state of mind than if I were to keep on attempting to do things in an anxious, tired and stressed manner. I also know that when I get still and my mind settles, more ideas, creativity and genius flows through me and the results of doing my work from this place, always amazes me.

Best of all, my thoughts are clear and my mind is open and I complete tasks in half the time which frees me up to do more or simply play or rest. The biggest bonus of all is that I actually don’t make as many mistakes because I’m not rushing or stressing.

So why was February 2022 a game-changing month for me? After 7 months I completed an intense coaching training with Supercoach Academy and became certified as a Transformational Coach. For me, being a part of something so powerful every day was the journey I longed to take for many, many years and finally I was given the opportunity and I grabbed it with both hands and threw myself into it like my life depended on it!

I feel proud that I committed and showed up. I feel honored to have been given the opportunity. I feel immense gratitude that I had the capacity and the resources to do it. I feel blessed that you have taken the time to read this and may even decide to coach with me to find out more. Mostly I just feel so happy and content with where I am in my life until something comes along to unsettle me and I’m once again reminded that that is just life and soon I’ll wise up again and continue on the path of getting good and getting good!

If you loved yourself truly and deeply, would you limit your life to what you previously thought possible?
Nope. You would blow your own socks off.
~ Kamal Ramikant
(From the book “Love yourself like your life depends on it”)

All my love
Sharon ❤️