Do you know the truth of who you really are?

I recently completed the presentation of The Awakening, the Level 2 program for Mindift Coaching Academy and it was an experience that I’ll remember for a very long time.

One of the reasons it was so memorable was because I had two very close family members on the program and I could visibly see the insights popping like popcorn, for not only my family but also for the participants who had never heard from anyone before, that they are not broken and do not need fixing.

Telling people that they already have everything they need to be everything they want to be, is a message that is received by most as the truth and the reason is simple. At Mindfit we speak the truth. We only work with principles that are immutable and constant and that means when it’s heard, since its true for everyone, no exceptions, it reaches the space within them that knows the truth and responds to the truth.

My job as a transformative coach is one I love. Watching people awaken to who they really are, is what delights me and I can never get enough of it. It was my birthday last month and now in my 60’s, I’m wondering when I might consider slowing down. At the moment I’m having so much fun so I continue to show up each day and do what I have been gifted to do.

It hasn’t always worked that way. There have been times in the past that I questioned who I was and what I was supposed to do with my life. I’ve often thought of myself as a late bloomer which means I’m someone who takes a long time to find my way. I’m starting to see that that idea is wrong. We bloom when we bloom and we also bloom where we are planted. I love the idea of being shown where, what and how life needs to happen without stressing myself about those details. As I reflect on where I’ve come from and where I am, I cannot help but smile at the realization that I have always been exactly where I’ve needed to be to do what I’ve needed to do – no exceptions.

I’m wondering if you can see that too? That you’ve always been ok and that you have survived every situation you’ve ever been in and maybe even thrived because of the “difficult” situations you’ve had to endure. Isn’t that amazing? You are where you are and seeing that it’s exactly how it’s meant to be provides a sense of freedom that liberates you from the idea that you may be doing it wrong. My own coach said this a few months ago and it’s never left me “You can’t ?%$# this up!”

Today I want to pass that gift onto you. It’s impossible for you to mess this life up. You are where you are and if you don’t like where you are then make a decision to simply accept where you are and watch how nothing seems to change but everything seems to be different. As you surrender to the life that’s given to you rather than struggle to create the life you think you should have, you’ll find yourself feeling lighter, happier and more at peace than you previously thought was possible.

That’s not giving up, that’s living full out with the freedom to enjoy your life knowing full well, that what you are looking for is also looking for you!

You need not leave your room.
Remain sitting at your table and listen, simply wait.
You need not even wait, just learn to become quiet, and still, and solitary.
The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked.
It has no choice; it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

~ Frans Kafka

All my love Sharon xxx