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I’m so immersed in creating the Mindfit Coaching Academy and have been doing video work and photoshoots while developing the content for the program curriculum and I’m loving every moment of it. Handing over the coaching baton to more coaches feels right at this point in my life and at this time and I’m excited to share my experience and expertise with those that wish to know. Launching soon…….. find out more at sharon@sharoncastle.co.za

I think I say this every year, but time seems to be speeding up. We’re already half way through February of this year and regardless of the fact that Covid has had a negative effect on almost everyone, there seems to be some interesting and positive events going on around the world and people seem to be waking up! If this sounds strange to you, and you’re wondering if I think people have been asleep I would have to say yes!

They’ve been asleep to the fact that they’re magnificent beings with infinite creative potential! (full stop)

I’ve been talking about expressing yourself in full stops (Americans call it a period) rather than commas. I know most of you will read the words in bold above and will want to respond by saying “Ja, (comma) but If I’m a magnificent being with infinite creative potential how come I can’t create anything really good or ” …..ja, but you don’t know my story” or “….ja, but i’m going through this stuff.” So a ja, but has become a jabut.

Americans might call it a yes but and Australians might call it a yeah but and I have no clue what other cultures might call it but no matter what you call it, labelling yourself and “talking” in commas, instead of full stops you may be limiting you from tapping into your brilliance. I love the fact that the shortest sentence in the bible is “I AM.” No commas – just a powerful and truthful statement – full stop.

A jabut ….turns positive and powerful statements of truth into non-truths by talking in commas. Maybe start noticing where you do that!

Here is a short 4 min video I recorded about how we label ourselves

Talking of creativity, collaborating with the Gallery at the Lifestyle Centre in Ballito is such a privilege. Run by the talented and brilliant JJ Digby (Jane Blacklaw) the Gallery has added pizzaz and sparkle to our cultural landscape and I love it, as do the large number of people who visit to view the beautiful works of art and to do some creative play on the interactive walls upstairs at the Gallery.

I hope you’ll join in the conversation on Thursday 25th of February (see image above) where I’ll be talking about where creative genius comes from and invite some discussion. In a world starved of connection, I know it will be an interesting and powerful time together.

Let’s dispel the myths about the creative source of everything and engage in something important, yet playfully light and lovely in a beautiful environment.

Please book with Jane on 082-486-2126 and support the worthy cause of “Emerging Artists” while being culturally enhanced and joyfully exposed to all things bright and beautiful!

Our next event after “Creative Genius” is on 26th March. The Zululand Beach Walking Retreat ??? was sold out within a few weeks. For those of you that missed a place on this retreat, it is my intention to run it again and if you want to be on the list to be notified once the date is set, DM sharon@sharoncastle.co.za

Find out more about the Zululand Beach Walking Retreat here

Another exciting project is the brand new Ballito TV. A livestreamed and recorded 24-hour platform with limitless opportunities. Watch this space for news of the Coaching Program we are developing.

Find out more here www.ballito.tv or email hello@ballito.tv

That’s all for now. I’ll leave you with this powerful quote:

People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it. ~ George Bernard Shaw