Making change – that most difficult yet essential thing

It’s been a month since I had the energy or the motivation to write this blog.  Normally I love writing and sharing with my audience but it’s been a time of challenges and some things just weren’t my priority.

Going through change is never easy but it is essential. I’m a life coach and I know this, except when it’s me going through the changes.

This week I experienced a profound remote healing with my spiritual coach and it was uncomfortable and ugly. Transformation can be like that. Of course, exactly what I need always finds it’s way to me and this showed up on a private feed and it was exactly what I needed to hear.

“Your New Life Is Going To Cost You Your Old One. It’s Going To Cost You Your Comfort Zone and Your Sense Of Direction. It’s Going To Cost You Relationships and Friends. It’s Going To Cost You Being Liked and Understood.

But It Doesn’t Matter. Because The People Who Are Meant For You Are Going To Meet You On The Other Side. And You’re Going To Build A New Comfort Zone Around The Things That Actually Move You Forward.

And Instead Of Liked, You’re Going To Be Loved. Instead Of Understood, You’re Going To Be Seen. All You’re Going To Lose Is What Was Built For A Person You No Longer Are.
Let It Go.”
— Brianna Wiest

Have you have been through some challenges and haven’t felt motivated to do the things you always loved doing?

What did you do to change?

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All my love ❤️