Stop doing these 3 things today if you want more peace and success

Today I’m feeling particularly troubled about the amount of people who are feeling stressed and anxious in this current lockdown situation.  In spite of all the info and positive advice out there I find most people are still allowing themselves to be exposed to the kinds of things they just don’t need to.

This is what you should stop doing if you want to feel more at ease and have more success!

# 1 – Stop watching and reading every bit of news.

You don’t need to know everything about what’s happening in the world.  I stopped watching and reading the news several years ago and my life is much calmer.  The news is a weapon of mass distraction and it will take up so much bandwidth in your head, you’ll have less time and energy to focus on really important things like connecting with people about something other than the negative stance of the media.  I promise you, you’ll still get to hear what you need to hear that’s important

#2 – Stop sharing every meme, message and random video that lands in your inbox.

Be selective and share real stuff from sources that you trust.  It’s a known fact that where your attention goes, your energy flows and placing all your attention on negative stuff will create negative energy in your own life.

#3 – Stop complaining, blaming, naming and shaming constantly.

Feeling gratitude and even better, writing a gratitude list will lift your spirits and keep you happier.  Yes, it’s a sh*t situation but there are still so many reasons to feel grateful.  Did you eat today?  Sleep in a warm bed last night? Children getting schooled every day?  Got data on your cell phone? Com’n, you know you still have so much good going on, so challenge yourself to stop complaining for a week.  If that’s too much to ask, then try it for a day or even a few hours.

For those who have young children at home, remember that they are observiing you and being influenced by how you behave in this situation.  If you want well balanced children who can handle challenging circumstances, then be an example of resiliency and courage for your family.  I know it’s hard but you have a choice to make today that could change the course of your child’s life sometime in their future when they’re faced with difficult circumstances, besides which it will make an immediate difference to your own life NOW!

Wouldn’t you like to look back at this time and say “Man that was tough but I’m so glad I decided to focus on some good stuff and look where I am today!”

It’s a known fact that in times of distress and massive global challenge, there are as many successful change-makers and new opportunities that emerge as there are failures and closures.  I know of many people who have disrupted their industries by pivoting their business and shifting their focus to what’s needed right now and there’s a lot of need!

We’re in this together and everything is uncertain so you may as well allow yourself some moments of joy because “this too shall pass.”

Remember, we live in a thought created world, and your thoughts will either help you or hinder you.

What choice will you make today to experience more peace and success?