Adri Jaya

Nearly a year ago, I met Sharon and started my coaching journey with her. I realized during the year (2019) that I wanted to change my vocation, I wasn’t happy with my career and felt that I wanted to get out of the industry I was working in.

I didn’t know how to move forward or change my direction in my career. I wanted to do something that I love and would be excited about every day. I remembered the woman’s day event I attended and Sharon’s talk at the event. I liked what she was talking about and it resonated so much as to what I was experiencing in my life.

On the 27th of July 2019 I met Sharon for the first time. The first meeting was super exciting as we set goals together. It was fun and I committed to working hard.  I learned so much about myself and the possibilities that are out there to be explored. I enjoyed the sessions with Sharon and each meeting I felt like I was moving closer towards achieving my goals.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Sharon as I continued to learn, explore and try new ideas. What I got out of all 12 sessions was knowledge, a shift in my beliefs about success and a real understanding that change is possible – I started believing in myself again. In January 2020 I managed to place my “Kitchen Coaching” page on Facebook with photos. This was a big achievement for me.

Lockdown arrived and I happily enjoyed the time off to relax, but as the days turned into weeks, I became numb to everything, and didn’t feel like doing anything.

I decided to take a look at the goals set 6 months earlier. I felt so much had changed and that I had nothing to give and couldn’t give people what they needed.

One day, my sister who is one of my biggest supporters asked me about my goals especially my “Kitchen Coaching” goal.  She knows how much I love cooking and being in the kitchen, as I taught her kitchen skills at a young age, when we cooked together.

So she started throwing around ideas of how I could help people.  Although I am single and only have to look after myself I am very aware of what I put into my body so cooking healthy meals is important. I love sharing this knowledge when I speak to other people.  I realized the challenges in the kitchen had changed dramatically in the past few weeks. People are working from home and have to feed their families 3 meals a day while working on a tighter budget (salary cuts). All of this is a different kind of stress now.

While I watched a webinar, I remembered Sharon telling me how important it is to keep growing and how exciting it is to learn new things. This helped me to adjust to the challenge I am facing – having my salary cut and needing to earn an income – I started to feel some excitement.

I went back to the tools and guidance that I received from Sharon in 2019. I adjusted my goal and stepped into my dream; to help people in their own kitchens by coaching them on simple meal preparation using everyday ingredients and creating wholesome and nutritious meals on a budget.

Kitchen Coaching is a like having a personal trainer but in the kitchen. I am thankful for Sharon’s coaching as it helped me to get out of the rut I was in, believing I had nothing to offer. I am reminded about one thing that Sharon is passionate about and that is to continue to grow yourself.  I am using that for myself as I attend online trainings to learn and stretch myself to know more.

I went back to my worksheets and looked at how I got to my goals.  I looked at the strategies we set up and I keep asking myself questions while I explore different ideas to move forward with my Kitchen Coaching. Something I heard recently had a big impact on me

“go where you’re wanted, not needed”

So now I am going where I am wanted … and this is helping me to remember that I AM wanted.

I feel like I am still a traveler on this journey and I’m still discovering so much with the tools Sharon taught me.  She allowed me to discover myself again.  My hidden skills became exposed and I am still growing and developing even though our sessions have ended.

Thank you Sharon for your guidance and very practical tools that I am still able to continue to use to this day.

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