Ryan Heenan

It was about time that I put up my hand to seek assistance in what had become a confusing and unmanageable season in my life.

Coaching with Sharon is a no nonsense affair. It requires honesty and a clear intention to participate in, and accept, the processes that Sharon prescribes.

At some of these I was doubtful, as I had a firm idea in my mind as to what was wrong with everyone and everything.

Coaching was also a fine place to unpack matters, to take some weight off ones shoulders, and whilst Sharon listens well, she is swift to polish unhelpful thinking and behaviours.

To my surprise, after 2 sessions, I could already see the shift in my own perspective, to looking inward at myself first. That in itself, remarkably shifted my view as to how I erroneously had been seeing and reacting to things in the past.

“When you change the things you look at, the things you look at change”

We set some key goals, we opened areas of my life that had been tightly closed. The gains in my personal growth were yards and yards, levels of anxiety were significantly reduced, a sense of hopefulness was alight within me again.

I continue to learn how to be more confident, strong and decisive in my intentions. I have been enlightened to so many things about myself, about energy, about my consciousness.

I enjoy progress in these areas of my life. I am a far calmer sense of being than prior to my coaching. And so many people have noticed!

I am still young in coaching, and I really look forward to my next season, and the wonderful new enlightenments which will bring me closer to a happy and peaceful life.