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As a business owner or business manager, regardless of your field of expertise, I am sure we will have one thing in common. We want our businesses to be successful. And, lets face it, we all want to be successful AND live a happy life.

You will most likely, like me, have a team working with you or for you to accomplish your goal in increasing sales, profit and business growth. And you have probably also faced the reality that your staff may not always be achieving their full potential, mainly due to personal issues or “life happening to them”. In my line of business, and this will apply to any service or sales related industry, if my people are “ok”, my business is “ok”. If they are happy and positive this has a direct impact on their day to day performance in your business. Same applies if they are not happy, sick or depressed. Energy is infectious – even over the phone. Have you considered the impact this may have on your business when a client calls your business and they speak to a staff member that sounds depressed and generally not really interested in helping? This happens a lot. In fact it happens so often that we tend to be really impressed when we do speak to someone that is genuinely positive and helpful. Sadly this is not the norm today…

Positive energy and a positive outlook on life has been important to me since I can remember. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Sharon Castle some years ago, at an intimate dinner where she shared some of her wisdom on training your brain. Shortly after that evening Sharon assisted me with a course on raising the bar for my team of recruiters. The impact she made, from that very first session 3 years ago, has been significant. For my staff it has been life changing. For my business is has been such a big win that Sharon is still training my team – they have such a hunger for her energy, her wisdom and the information she shares.

I am very fortunate today to say that Sharon has been responsible in the transformation of attitude and self-belief within my team. Targets that they set for themselves (and which they had never achieved before) have since been exceeded. They have implemented their new way of thinking in their personal lives and this has had a tremendous positive effect on their families as well.

My office is a great place to be – my staff care for each other, respect each other and love the fact that they can enjoy their work environment in a way they never thought possible. This filters down to how they relate with my clients and naturally this has resulted in further success for my company.

In short, if you think of softer, life skills coaching as insignificant, I can tell you that the impact this training has had on my staff and my business has had a far greater reach than corporate sales or marketing training my staff have attended. It becomes a personal journey for them to become more successful and happy, which will have a direct impact on productivity, strategic thinking and results. Align their personal growth and development with your company vision and goals and you will have a winning strategy!

If you care about your staff, their wellbeing and their success within your business, I strongly recommend Sharon Castle to help you and your team reach new heights on personal and professional levels.

Lindie Weeks
MNA Recruitment