Karien van der Wal

Initially I sought help from Sharon so I could address issues in my relationships such as with my marriage to my husband of 18 years, and to grow on a personal level into the confident, strong and wise woman I had always wished to be.

I was an internationally competitive bodybuilder from 2013, even achieving Springbok colours. However, I decided to end that chapter of my life. This left a massive void and it felt as if I had lost my identity. I decided to focus on my career as a fitness trainer but didn’t know how to reach my full potential in this area.

Sharon helped me to break down my goals, making things seem much easier and more achievable. She helped me realize that I can’t change anyone but myself. Instead of trying to fix my marriage, I should focus on fixing me. She reminded me to trust God’s wise guidance, and to recognize my identity in Him. I realized I am already powerfully equipped with gifts and treasures instilled in me by Him.

I learned about myself that I have a passion for people beyond fitness training and that I want to help as many people as I can, physically, mentally and spiritually so that they can live happier and healthier lifestyles.

Today, I love my “Perfectly Imperfect” life. I have learnt so much about relationships and can say that things with my husband, kids, mother and some friends are stronger and more solid than ever before. Most importantly I’ve learned to choose my battles, because peace is more important than being right. Sometimes I’ve got to let things slide.

I don’t take myself so seriously anymore and I allow myself to fail every now and then. I tell my kids there’s no such thing in life as “failure”. You either win or you learn. Every failure comes with a lesson.

In my previous profession I was always in the spotlight. It was hard to try and keep a perfect figure, always ready for a photoshoot or competition. These days I’m less strict on my diet. I train less and make more time for the things I enjoy such as socializing, pizza, wine and chocolate. I may have gained a bit more bodyfat, but I’m still in excellent shape and healthy… Physically, spiritually and mentally. IT’S ALL ABOUT BALANCE.