Cathy Wanjohi, Zinge Afrika Creations

Did you know you are responsible for your own happiness?
Did you know you are capable of maintaining you own frequency regardless of the surroundings?
Did you know you are an infinite creative potential of the entire universe?
2018 was the year I had a 360 degree turning point! It is the year I attended the Focus On Your Future programme with Sharon Castle.
To say the lessons were incredibly insightful would be an understatement. This is where all the above questions were answered and since then I have made a tremendous progress in my personal growth and business.

I found Sharon to be a very patient coach and felt for the first time in my life that somebody was listening.

Sharon uses her intuition a lot to help guide the sessions with great effect and that made me feel very safe.

I now feel empowered and confident and I can put my mind to anything that I intend to do, and I have. As a result my fashion business, Zinge Afrika, has built up to the point that I can say I am a success! Two years ago, I was fearful and shy but these days I love to share and talk at any opportunity.
I highly recommend Sharon for any kind of coaching.

Cathy Wanjohi, Zinge Afrika Creations