Sarah Collins – Wonderbag

2017 was a year of great confusion for me. I had suffered severe health setbacks, had gone into menopause and also as a result of total adrenal fatigue and acute burnout, too many intercontinental flights, to much pressure and too many hours in surgery , I slumped into the darkest of places and quite frankly wasn’t sure how I would ever find the light.

Your name has been mentioned to me over a period of two years as someone I needed to connect with, as it was said that you may be able to support and help me find my feet whilst my world was in disarray both internally and externally.

I finally picked up the phone and vaguely remember saying, “I have no idea who you are, what you do but I need to see you”. You then sent me a whole lot of questions and set up an appointment. I could hardly read at that point, let alone focus nor answer any questions but I did show up at the appointment.

Miracles started to happen, your insights, gentle but firm guidance, your integrity and calm assurance that it would come right and I could do this, seeped into my soul, I sat on the chair in your room watching a whale out at sea as you weaved your magic, and the faith and light that started to happen was miraculous.

The simple tools I remember that first appointment stay with me today – no news, exercise a little everyday, faith, sleep, spaces, and many more tools you continued to share whilst you supported and healed and restored my faith, as you worked with me, so did the Universe come back to welcome me, you will never know the gratitude I feel for the person you are.

You gave me the courage to be brave and shine again, you gave me perspective and the torch to find the light.

Sharon you are a creature of extraordinary healing and resilience – more than that the words are in my soul.

I am deeply grateful and honored to be walking alongside you into our next chapters of this journey of life.

With much