Kelly P

Having completed many one-on-one coaching sessions with Sharon Castle, I feel that I do have a unique insight into the potency and power of the systems and processes she uses, and the dynamic change that is effected when these are carefully considered and employed in the lives of her clients.

During the MindFit for Life programme, participants are gently guided through a series of different techniques including fasting, meditation, supplementation, detoxing and various stress management and relaxation processes. These all contribute to the process of ridding the body of toxic build up and enabling us to enter into a renewed level of communion with the body and mind.

The programme is divided into 5 intense 2 hour sessions, each building on the previous one, as we ventured on a journey further and further down the path of self-discovery. Participants are encouraged to conduct a certain amount of their own research and engage with the material in their own time, and this really helped us to get to grips with the information we were imparted with each week.

Sharon often said that although she had a rough idea of the content she wanted to share during each session, she is deeply in touch with her innate knowing and awareness, and at times used her intuition to take the group where she felt we needed to go in order to learn and grow into such an exciting new space.

The MindFit programme is so incredibly powerful, and has contributed in the most dynamic way to my life. I feel so much more in tune with my body and what it requires, and I am able to tap into mental and physical capacities I only ever dreamed of. I thank you most deeply and sincerely Sharon, for your ongoing contribution to me and my life.