Hannah E

I have been thinking of what to write as I have so much to say! My journey started 2 years ago when I felt like I couldn’t carry on with my life. I had officially hit rock bottom, I lost who I was and what I was about, but through the coaching with Sharon Castle, I was given the tools to re-hard wire my brain, to think in a more positive way, and from then on my life changed forever! I have been able to apply the tools she gave me in every aspect of my life, from the ups and downs to the tears and laughter, my life has changed in the most incredible way. Every single person I have met and spoken to has always gone away with something positive, a tool they can use in their own lives. I look at myself now in a way that I never have before, a way that lets me know that everything will be OK; if it’s not OK it’s not the end as Sharon would say! In life, we go through so much and being able to harness the tools of a different way of thinking impacts one’s life to such an extent that you will never have to look back, it becomes a way of life adapted to suit you, no person is the same and as such everybody has their different outlook on life, but if the way of thinking is applied it adapts to you. It’s not all about the mind but it makes up a component of the body so the two work together, if we stop negative thoughts in its tracks and switch that to thoughts of positivity, then we can slowly but surely stop the poisoning process of the mind which in turns also poisons the body! The mind and the body work hand in hand – if you’re unhealthy, your mind will be unhealthy and vice versa. Sharon has not only changed my life but she has taught me that its OK to feel  the way we do and accept the things we feel and with that, think in a way that will only better you.  With this I am truly humbled and grateful to Sharon for guiding me in the right light, for teaching me that there is life after rock bottom and most of all to master my mind to a different consciousness.  Much love, and Thank you!