Graham O

You came highly recommended to me through a serious of synchronistic events and I initially sampled the waters with some much-needed clearing and re-balancing.  Those kinesiology sessions were extremely powerful and profound, to say the least.  We spoke about Life Coaching, but I was honestly not convinced by the whole idea of it.  I had been exposed to the concept many times before but I was not sold on the clinical, goal-oriented approach that I perceived it to be. But something about you was very different.  You are deeply connected with the metaphysical realm, but also grounded and practical with regards to living an authentic life in the ‘real world.’ Add to this your ability to listen with an open-heart and cut through all the nonsense to quickly get right to the essence of the matter.  You also have the amazing capacity to reflect back in a loving and non-judgemental way, whilst remaining completely honest and direct.  This was exactly what I needed and I signed up for a 12 session package. When we started, I felt stuck, stagnant and unfulfilled.  Right from the outset, the process proved to be daunting, challenging and exciting at the same time.  After some eye-opening self-reflection, inspired by your questionnaire, we defined my goals and devised some tangible strategies.  You worked me out very quickly and masterfully steered me through the inner-conflicts I had been wrestling with for so long: Goals vs Flow; Striving vs Letting Go; Motivation vs Inspiration; Discipline vs Freedom; Faith vs Trust; Courageous vs Fearless. I looked forward to our sessions every week as we quickly gathered momentum.  You pulled me back on track whenever I deviated and you kept me focused and enthusiastic about the process and the direction I was heading.  The results started to show before too long and that just added fuel to the fire.  The 12 sessions seemed to fly by so quickly, but when you read my “Coaching Journey” back to me in that final session I was completely blown away by how much ground we had covered as well as the transformation it revealed. I can honestly say that I feel like a completely different person.  I am more inspired, passionate, energised, focused and aware than ever before. Testament indeed! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with me Sharon. You were 110% present and committed at every single session, no matter what else was happening in your life.  You are completely authentic, extremely conscious, loving, sincere and beautifully assertive.  I have absolutely no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending you as a Life Coach.  Please feel free to pass on my contact details to anyone who is considering the process.