Georgia Kuun

I met Sharon when I was 16 and have been coaching with her ever since. Sharon really helped me through my toughest times during high school. I really battled with stress and everything that was going on at school but her coaching got me through it all and taught me how to deal with my stress. She helped me visualise everything I wanted. I achieved everything I dreamed of because of coaching with Sharon. I recently went to a workshop where we made vision boards and manifested what we wanted for our future. Everyone at the workshop was so blown away with the things Sharon showed us. I feel very secure in what my future holds after attending it. I think this workshop would benefit anyone but especially high school kids. It is such a great way to relieve stress. Making my vision board really helped to put a picture in my mind of what my future will be one day. It also helped me figure out my life goals and how to achieve them. One of the main things Sharon taught us at the workshop is how effort can be effortless, this is something I tell myself every time I have to tackle something in my life.

I would really love for anyone to do this workshop as it will teach you so much about who you really are are. This workshop shows you that you can have anything you want in life and in your future and it gives you the means by which to accomplish it.