Donella Ponter

I arrived on Sharon’s couch for the first time back in September. I was afraid, scared, anxious, highly stressed to name but a few. I was lost. Completely and utterly lost and in the lowest place I had ever experienced. But I knew, just knew that I needed change! I wanted change.

I needed the help to start that change.

I had gone through a terrible heart ache – I was so frightened and lost.
I was completely insecure I had absolutely no
self confidence.
The lack of self confidence and insecurity from a young girl was something I never dealt with.
My biggest fear – being on my own.
All of which I am still working on and getting stronger everyday.

The unknown. The uncertainty.

My health was in desperate need of repair.
I did hardly any exercise. I was going to Seymour’s Strength Training Gym however I was not committed. My eating- shocking!
Smoking sometimes 30 cigarettes a day!
Binge drinking most weekends.

I had even lost the passion for my job that I had been doing and loved for 11 years.

The stress and anxiety was months and months in the making and was building and building and by the way my lifestyle was it was showing! I had a complete breakdown and called out to sharon on possibly one of the worst days of my life.

Sharon was and still is my angel. She made me feel exceptionally comfortable throughout my whole first session. We talked… or should I say she allowed me to talk. I did a lot. Things came out that I didn’t even know about myself! I didn’t realize how little love I had for myself for a very very long time.

And all the time I was realizing with the support from Sharon was that everything I was doing and had been through was a choice. Choices I was making. No one else. I now had the choice to change!

I had developed leaky gut syndrome which sharon diagnosed through Kinesiology which was a result of the stress, anxiety and un healthy life style.

I’ll never forget Sharon’s words to me that day.
”Life hasn’t happened to you, it’s happened for you” I live by this everyday now. I was given another chance to love myself again. To live a life I want to live and enjoy living. To be healthier. To be stronger. Mentally and physically.

I was given tools/homework by Sharon to take into my life to start the process of recovery within myself.

From the minute I left I went straight to the shops. Piled the trolley high with the foods that would help my leaky gut. I knew I had to do this with every bit of strength I had. I owed it to myself.

I bought the book I was recommended to read
I put into place my new mantra and my new self talk. I committed there and then to myself
I committed to the gym
I committed to my new eating habits
I committed to this new journey.

Since that day I have not looked back. I have a brand new lifestyle.

I train 4 times a week at Seymour’s Strength
Training Gym.
To look back to when I started to where I am now still shocks me! I used to watch people lift these weights and think to myself Ha! There’s no way I am going
to be able to do that!!! Well I am! …. And more!! I’m growing stronger by the day! Gary’s unbelievable support, guidance and motivation – physically
and mentally in the gym during training has been incredible. I can’t thank him enough for supporting me through this journey.

I live a very healthy and balanced eating lifestyle.
My body has changed and strengthened in ways
I never new possible.
My ‘old’ self talk told myself that I didn’t have the body type to look ‘that way’.

I stopped smoking on the 2nd of January. (I never in a million years thought I could stop) well I did!

I don’t binge drink every single day of the weekend. But I have fun! I live life!

I have lost 3 dress sizes.

I am beginning to find the love I never had for myself (my biggest achievement and journey so far)
I am growing stronger every single day.
I am exploring my spirituality!

I’ve had my set backs during this time. I’ve had really bad days. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve battled with the fear. I’m still battling with fear. That we realized in
my 2nd session with Sharon. That 2nd session was amazing. It was around 8/9 weeks I think after my first session and the change just in that time was immense! Sharon couldn’t believe it! Neither could I to be quite honest! I was in acceptance of everything.

I had gone through. I was taking the steps day by day. I was relentless.
My leaky gut – gone!

I’m still battling with occasional anxiety.

I’m growing…. I will fall and I will continue to fall and make mistakes … I mean we are human! Not perfect at all! We need the failures to grow and to learn…. I’m learning to recover faster from these moments and to not let them get me down but to rather learn from them and move forward. I’m being kinder to myself. I still have a long road ahead.

But one things for sure. I will never go back to where I was. That’s what gets me up 4 times a week to train. (Plus I thoroughly enjoy it)
That’s what gets me to not pick up a cigarette.
I go out. I have fun. I am finding balance in all
areas of my life now and learning to listen to my gut and trust in myself.
This is my life style now!

I’m excited. I’m grateful. I’m so eternally grateful to be where I am now. Grateful to all the people who have been on this crazy journey with me!

I’m embracing the fear. Day by day.

It’s all about learning. It’s all about the journey and I’m just so excited for what else is to come in my life!

Thank you Sharon. Thank you so so much for guiding me in more ways than you will ever imagine and getting me started on this journey to a happier, healthier, ever changing, challenging, exciting life!