I had suffered major anxiety and then depression for 6 years. During this time , I tried everything and seen psychologists, psychiatrists , homeopaths  and neurofeedback therapists to name a few! I eventually somehow heard about Sharon Castle and decided , why not add a Life Coach to the list too . My life  had made a 360 degree turn once I started seeing Sharon. She suggested I change my diet as well as practice gratitude and meditation. I tried the diet and felt amazing in just a week! It ended up becoming a lifestyle and that is how a little healthy food and juice business called Freshly You was born. 6 years later I am an entrepreneur, businesswoman and mother of a beautiful 21 month old precious boy ( for someone who couldn’t even get out of bed most days) . Prior to meeting Sharon , I would have never dreamed of this, especially having a child, since I felt like I couldn’t get my anxiety in order , let alone take care of another little human being .Sharon had given me tough love and that is what made me the person I am today ! I created a Gratitude Journal in hope to help those who need it. This little daily practice which I l had learnt from Sharon , saved my life ! Sharon, thank you whole-heartedly for giving me my life back and showing me that with gratitude and meditation , anything is possible ! You have been such a MAJOR inspiration to me and for that I am eternally thankful.  May you be forever blessed for all the good you do for others.