A change of scenery is exactly what the Universe ordered!

A change of scenery is exactly what the Universe ordered!


I’m writing this from the beautiful little town of Greyton in the Western Cape, South Africa.  A coaching intensive with a client brought me here and I have to say a change really is as good as a holiday!


Some time in between coaching to relax, write and read has been a bonus for me.  Coaching takes up most of my time back home and in between being a wife and a Top Dog handler (more about that in a future blog), there isn’t much free time, which is exactly how I like it.


I love my work and often profess that I enjoy it so much I wonder why I get paid to do it (lol). I love how trusting in the perfect unfolding of everything, guidance happens, provided one is willing to listen for it.


I recently posted on FB that of late, I have had to coach several of my clients on how to deal with depressed and often suicidal teenagers.  This distresses me and so I have decided to give more focus to coaching teens and young people, in the future.


I feel we have to “catch” them earlier and earlier these days as more and more children have access to so much information online and are absorbed with social media and online apps.  We need to manage this process responsibly for our precious young people because it’s all so new for us.


I hope that you will share this mail with friends of teenagers so that we can begin the process of creating strong and resilient young people who will not fall into the “social media trap” of following the flock like sheep and getting involved in stuff that is unhealthy and downright damaging.


Please do not be naïve – our young people need guidance and it’s no excuse to say you are too busy.  Be present with your child – every opportunity that you can!


This workshop is probably one of the best I have ever created.  Read about the CREATE YOUR FUTURE FOR TEENS

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