Are you fulfilled or successful?

It always surprises me how, as much as I intend to, my blog writing commitment just doesn’t happen.  Yet, my business continues to thrive and the growth has been outstanding.  The only reason I ever feel any pressure to write a blog post on a regular basis is because I listened to an expert or “guru” that advised that unless I write a blog on a regular basis, I will not have people who listen or follow me and this, according to the experts and gurus is the only way to achieve success.

Oh success….. the thing that everyone wants but few seem to feel they get.  I have been playing with some very powerful principles around ‘flowing’ into success rather than pursuing it and the results have been amazing.  So much of my previous business life was about beating myself up in the false belief that this is the way to achieve success, yet all it ever did was to make me feel even worse about the fact that I wasn’t doing this or that which reinforced my belief that I wasn’t good enough and that I was destined for a life of struggle and pain.

Has this been your observation too?  For so long, society would have us believe that we should wear our long hours of hard work like a badge of honour, regardless of the fact that focusing only on work and no play makes you sick and steals your joy.  I have watched over the years as many people of my age and even younger, become victims of the stressful lives they have lived and have their years cut short or their lifestyle seriously hampered due to the fact that they simply couldn’t ‘switch off’ and slow down enough to enjoy their lives.

This way of doing life does not appeal to those who are desperate to succeed and fearful of the future.  Fear is still one of the most crippling emotions for doing life, both personal life and work life.  As the acronym describes, FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real and has no validity or power over you, when you see it for what it really is; no-thing.  It’s not a real thing but a feeling from a belief which may not be true or a past experience which no longer exists.

At first glance, most people look outside of themselves and blame circumstances or people for the situation they find themselves in, but this is never true and can never be true.  Pointing fingers at something outside of yourself as a reason for anything you feel, is completely skewed since nobody and nothing can create the feelings you feel.  This is completely within your control and it’s a choice. 

When I first started experimenting with this understanding, it felt odd and wrong since, like you, I was taught and led to believe that work and life is about striving and struggling and white-knuckling it until you make it.  The problem with that belief is that the struggle never seems to stop and the striving takes on a life of its own, with an ever increasing need for more, more, more.

I am not saying for a moment that you should not work but how you work is far  more important than the actual work you do.  I have discovered that the less I stress and the more I trust, the bigger the success.  In fact, I have chosen to mostly drop the word ‘success’ which seems to imply that achievement is the only way, no matter what the cost.  These days I prefer the word ‘fulfilment’ as I truly feel like I am full with joy and opportunities.  I have fallen more deeply in love with my life and the more accepting I am of the way life unfolds, the more I seem to gain on so many levels – spiritually, personally, financially, physically and mentally.  Of course nothing is perfect and life still happens.  The difference now is that I’m ok with the way life is happening and choose not to resist most things. 

And it really is a choice.  Understand that you have a choice to get stuck in a thought, which isn’t real anyway and you also have a choice to remind yourself that you are not your thoughts, you are not your mind and you are not even your body.  You are something much bigger and more powerful than any of those things. 

You are an infinite creator of your life and you are always in a state of creation – always – so the choice to focus on what’s working in your life will create a very different outcome than choosing to focus on what’s not working.  I think you know this.  It’s not rocket science.  But it is a science and it is spirituality and those two can not be separated.

I hope that you choose to focus on what’s working – try it – it takes some practice but once you’ve mastered it, it is your path to freedom and isn’t that what you really want? 

If you feel that you are stuck and want to experience freedom, I encourage you to take advantage of a free 20-minute Discovery Call that may well set you on the path to fulfilment.  I know that this is what you want.  I wanted it too and I thought it was unattainable for a very long time.  Today I want to tell you that you have been lied to.  The truth has been kept from you.  But now that you know better, isn’t it time to get up, dress up and show up as the best version of yourself? 

I think you owe it to yourself. 

All my love



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