Beyond the Ego

Lately, I have been pondering on what Ego actually is and whether or not it plays a role in success.


I have heard conflicting points of view that one cannot succeed without an ego and the contrast that ego can be the death of success.  I’ve had to reflect on my own journey to establish my truth of this controversial subject.


To say that I do not have an ego at all would be a lie yet to say that I do have an ego feels uncomfortable and counter to who I feel I am.


The opposite of ego is humbleness – what do you think?


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This awesome video really touched me!



On the success front, I want to introduce you to a client who has a compelling story to tell.  I received a call from this lady on a Saturday afternoon requesting my help urgently.  We booked a session and the rest is overwhelmingly impressive.


Donella Ponter

What Donella had to say:

I’ll never forget Sharon’s words to me that day.

“Life hasn’t happened to you, it’s happened for you”

I live by this everyday now. I was given another

chance to love myself again. To live a life I want to

live and enjoy living. To be healthier. To be stronger.

Mentally and physically.

Read the rest HERE!


Some very exciting news!!!

I am running another ”Create Your Future” Vision Board workshop for Teens and this time it will be held at Crawford North Coast School.  I have been done a few talks and presentations at Crawford over the last few months and I have loved working with this vibrant group of teachers and pupils.

We need to skill our children in the ways of the world while keeping them grounded and connected to what really matters.  This workshop covers all aspects of life and also teaches them how to tap into the powerful creators they are.  Imagine a world filled with confident, happy and purpose-filled teens who are making a difference in the world and will go on to be happy and well-adjusted adults who live with passion.

Please check out the details HERE!

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