Where to now?

We’re back from our adventurous road trip and life will never be the same!

I kinda expected to feel very different about life but didn’t really expect this unsettled feeling to usurp my role and knock me down, the way it did.  Honestly (I promised to be honest so here goes) I think I slipped into a depression the first two days of our return.  Not because I didn’t want to be back but because the first day I started out the same way I start every new year – by getting my yearly planner out, my calendar and my goals and setting dates for workshops, events and programmes but this time it just didn’t feel as exciting as it usually does.  I am a super organized person, so it usually gives me such a thrill to tick the boxes on my list and say “done” but this time round, I felt that doing it the same old way, would take away some of the thrill of our experience into the unknown.

Honestly (here I go again!), I felt like I would be planning my life away and that wouldn’t leave any room for play and fun and now that I have tasted adventure in a much bigger way than before, I just couldn’t go there! So I listened to my spirit and I let it go for a while (it took me more than a week) and I just marinated in the joy and exhilaration of being in a space where nothing affected us negatively and we only ever experienced flow and delight.  This was not as easy as it sounds.  Some conscious moment to moment decisions had to be taken as I reminded myself that my new way of being, was to be present in each moment as much as I could and when I “caught” myself being unconscious, I would gently remind myself that this is no longer how I live my life.

For some, this will sound wierd and for others it will trigger something inside of you that resonates with a truth.  Note, I did not say ‘the’ truth but ‘a’ truth.  I do not believe that there is only one truth but a truth for each individual.  The premise that things work in one way only, does not work for me because I have come to realise that there are no absolutes.  Some will see a rainy day as something beautiful (right now the whole of the Cape in South Africa would consider this as a blessing) and others will see it as an awful day (especially if a special outdoor wedding has been planned).  What is good for you may not be good for me.  Realizing that the complexities that make up each one of us, is unique and perfect and that my God is not better than your God and that my country is not more beautiful than your country is key to living in the flow of life and perceiving things in a way that gives you freedom rather than keeping you stuck in some belief that separates you from life and living.

My mission this year will be to show people that there is no separation – that we are all connected as one living organism.  Just like our beautiful and amazing planet, that operates in sync with all of nature, so too are you part of this incredible perfect system.  Living as if you are a very important part of the divine plan, changes the way you think about life and about others and creates an energy of love and trust that will nudge you in the right direction.

You are unique and there will never, ever, be anyone like you again and there has never, ever, been anyone like you before.  You are a piece of the puzzle of life and what you are looking for is looking for you! A concept that may be foreign to some, as it was to me for a long time but with some self-searching and self-commitment it will become clear – that is my promise.

I have so many insights and lessons to share with you so I will keep this blog post short and more will follow.  Last year was a tough and difficult year for many and I also experienced several emotional and deeply sad times when 5 people that I was close too, left this planet all dying within a space of 3 weeks.  Challenging times change us and grieving is an important part of life, as is dying.  What that time taught me is that there is a natural wisdom that we all have and should we choose, we can tap into it anytime we like.  I eluded to this in several of my writings last year as I had become profoundly aware that a compromised life creates a deep regret and an unsatisfying way of living.

I know that what I experienced last year was part of the reason that I decided that I wanted to live in a way that felt fulfilling and joyful.  None of us know when we may depart this life and sadly a large part of our culture cringes at the thought of talking about death but my husband and I are facing a possible situation like that again.  It has made us fully conscious of the fact that if we are to live the life we have dreamt of, we have to take action and ensure that we enjoy everything that life has to offer.  I want to know that when that moment arrives, should I have time to contemplate my life, I will have no regrets.  I want to do work that I love (and I do!). I want to go on adventures (and I do!) and I want to love unconditionally, live joyously and grow spiritually – and that my friend, is a constant work in progress!

Before another unfulfilling day passes, can you take some time to contemplate how you could live in a more full way?  Where is it possible for you to make some changes so that you can live more adventurously? Who do you need to show unconditional love towards? And finally, what will it take for you to surrender and let go of any thoughts, beliefs and ways of being that are keeping you stuck, unfulfilled and disatisfied?  I challenge you to look at your life deeply and make the change – you have everything you need to do this and if you feel you do not, seek out somebody who seems to live in a courageous and ‘whole-minded’ way.

If you feel that it’s the right time for you to shift into living your life on a higher level, please send me an email and I will send you details of a lovely informal function that I will be putting together where we will sit around the ‘camp-fire’ and have a fire-side chat about living in this way.  My husband will be joining us so that both genders can get a feel for this way of life.  We certainly have not got it all right but these days I feel that we are getting less of it wrong!

All my love



PS: Inbox me on sharon@sharoncastle.co.za if you are interested in a small intimate group get together.    Dates and venue to be confirmed but indicate your interest in the meantime.  We would love to sit around the ‘camp-fire’ with you!


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