Just Stop It!

It’s been so encouraging to receive the warm and inspiring responses to my previous blog post and so I just have to write a response to all the awesome people that gave us the ‘thumbs up’ for our future adventure into the unknown!

Making a courageous decision is something that we all want to do, but often delay due to fear of making a mistake. Knowing that mistakes are part of growth and improvement helps to dispel the fears so that action can be taken but how does one do that?

The essence of of the question that I get from my clients most often is “how do I feel the fear and do it anyway?” As a coach, it is not my job to give answers so as coach and coachee, we begin a coaching conversation and I am always in awe, when every client finds their own answers to this question. Not because my clients are genius’ (although many of MY clients are) but because once an intention is set, the justification for having the fear in the first place is dispelled and in it’s place a boldness emerges.

That is exactly what happened to us (my husband and I) when we asked ourselves how we could transform our lives. We had so many dreams and wanted to experience an adventurous life, but it always felt like it wasn’t the right time; it would cost a lot of money; there was too much to do; our families wouldn’t approve; we might fail; what if………….. (fill in the blank with hundreds of reasons and excuses). But the day we set the intention, something magical happened and synchronistically, everything started to fall into place.

I came across this very funny You tube video and because I am in a fun and adventurous space, I just had to share it. It reminded me so much of what I decided when I felt the fear rise in me. (I might just adopt this as a new Coaching Style – lol).

Watch and enjoy and please let me have your comments as that is where the brilliance lies – in many people giving their perspective which helps us all to see more clearly!

PS: I have time to fit some coaching sessions in so if you feel you need a coaching top-up or want a session, please contact me on sharon@sharoncastle.co.za

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