Welcome to 2017: Let’s continue……..

It might seem a bit late to welcome in 2017 but to be honest, the seamlessness in which my new year started has been easy and exciting.

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions nor do I buy into the “it’s a brand new year and it’s a fresh new start ” way of thinking.  Man’s construct of beginning again has puzzled me of late and that’s probably because I have come to realize that life is a continuum.  We are simply continuing from season to season and year to year.  Unless we define our lives with fresh adventures one year simply rolls into the next and nothing really changes.

This might seem negative to some but consider this observation.  For a very long time I would make excuses that “tomorrow” I would stop some damaging habit or next week I would “begin” some new wonderful way of being and it was an easy excuse to use.  It gave me permission to carry on in my delusion that some magical wand would be waved and I would wake up the next day or on the 1st of January, and I would be good and clean and fresh – tra-la-la!

For decades I believed that who I was, was not good enough and that I had to change to be something else or be like someone else.  I believed this lie and lived my life constantly striving to be something other than who I was.  Most days and definitely every year, I made a solid promise to myself that I would ‘start afresh.’  Of course this never happened.

There was no exact day or date that I started to realize that who I was, was exactly who I was meant to be and that all my flaws and quirky ways were, actually, pretty ok.  So I stopped wishing that I could change and I started to accept myself exactly as I was, and that was how I came to be peaceful and calm – I stopped trying so damn hard.  It was almost like the moment I made the decision to be completely accepting of who I was, that things started to change.

So for the last few years, I have glided from one year to the next, doing what I needed to do, when I needed to do it.   Rather than wait for some special date in the future, I simply take action when I want to and magically, everything seems to fall into place.

Now I am not saying that this is ok for everyone, but I am saying that living in a state of perpetual disappointment because you missed the date to start afresh, is not conducive to either peace or happiness.  Why not just do it when you feel compelled to do it.  The problem lies in the fact that we have trained ourselves to ignore those compelling urges because there are so many mindless distractions that give us very little in the way of real quality of life.  So we put our dreams on hold while we engage in useless activities that do not serve us in any way.

Taking action on our dreams and goals is the only way to really feel fulfilled.  It’s who we are born to be.  Even the smallest step can move you towards feeling better.  Waiting for the next new year to come around so that you can take a big step, creates a build up of disappointments.  Little disappointments, just like little steps adds up to big things.  Why not decide today that who you are is ok and that what you want to do is pretty ok too.  It really is the first little step into living your life in the flow.  Once you feel how good it is to stop trying so hard, you won’t have to wait for a new day or a new year to take action – you can just do it because it is the perfect time!

Speaking of time, we have taken huge steps and planned some really awesome events for this year.

Please see the events page on my website here www.sharoncastle.com/upcoming-events and book early.  A new website is in the process of being built, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, please patiently try again later.

Good news for those of you who have asked about the Inner Wisdom Circle and Supper Club, because we are planning to get those going again.  Please check the dates on the website.

Mindfit for Life on-line will increase in frequency and Mindfit for Life Weekend Training is also planned for 2017.

The popular Wellness Mornings will run every alternate month with wonderful speakers and guests sharing their stories and with some fresh new topics covering Wellness and Health and quality of life, in general.

There is an exciting new programme and this will be launched later on in the year – watch this space.

I have coached many international folk on-line, but what is very exciting for me is my debut onto the International Stage as a Brain-based Lifestyle and Wellness Coach in the USA in February 2017 and my preceeding participation in Dr Joe Dispenza’s world renowed Progressive and Advanced Training programmes in January in the USA.   http://whanadi.com/wellnesswarrior

It has been my dream to study with this Master Teacher and fulfill my goal of furthering my work into the amazing brain and neuroscience.  How the opportunity came about is a story that I must tell one day and the subsequent invitation to teach in Miami, Florida in the USA.

These incredible things seem to be happening more and more.  The less I worry, stress and get anxious about the future, the more easily the future seems to work out perfectly.  I am so glad I didn’t wait for the New Year to start before making the decision to step outside my comfort zone and stretch myself.  When the opportunity arose, I said yes and “burned the boats” (see blog post “What happens when you burn the boats”).

Of course, all the planning in the world doesn’t stop stuff from happening that might throw a spanner in the works.  That is all part of the adventure and thrill of life – navigating the curved balls and making the most of each unexpected thing that might present itself.

I have become fairly comfortable with the unknown and what life might throw my way.  I trust that I am here for a specific purpose and that no matter what I do, my purpose will continue to look for me as much as I am looking for it!  Now that’s the best news – I can continue to flow into each day, each season and each year knowing that I am on the right track to simply continue with my life, with ease.  Let’s continue………..

  • Dene

    Hi Sharon

    I absolutely love this read and totally agree with you with regards to resolutions only at a new year.

    So ecstatic and proud that you are doing these seminars all over the world ! ?

    Safe travels

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