Testimonial: An Attitude of Gratitude

Testimonial: An Attitude of Gratitude from Gerritt Snyders

In our busy environment, it sometimes seems virtually impossible to balance the lives we lead with what will actually enable us to restore our bodies to optimum health. There are toxins in almost everything we eat, drink, breathe, hear, touch and see; as well as the emotional toxins we encounter – resentment, stress, guilt, fear, criticism, futility, failure, hatred, etc.

The current system does not teach nor guide us to cope, analyse or remedy any of these negative forces imposed on us daily and is not until we have a “  Life changing attitude klap” that we come to our senses and realise that if we don’t get our “balancing” act together we are doomed. The ‘klap’ can come in many forms such as cancer, financial ruin or desertion by a spouse, but in the times that it seems you are most challenged, you will often have the opportunity to find support, comfort and direction, providing you open yourself to it.

This is when the coach arrives, and, almost as if by a miracle, is able to help you grow within yourself, remove emotional barriers, remedy the toxins & achieve momentum.

Sharon did just that for me after I was diagnosed with rectal cancer, at the time a death sentence, and little did I know that it would not only change my life, but ultimately save it.

Sharon introduced me to the two most important anti-toxins, namely forgiveness and acceptance. Together we were able to focus on removing the wrong stuff like resentment, anger, hatred, stress, laziness, and self-pity and replace it with the right stuff like Love, Joy, Serenity, and Understanding.

This was followed by a significant change in the game plan of my life.  Strategically, this was centred around purpose (authenticity and identity); priority (focus and simplicity) and productivity (balance and synchronicity). In short, Sharon taught me that life is not about finding yourself, but instead creating yourself.

As a human on this journey, I have had to accept that life is a series of events. I discovered that every event I experienced was an opportunity to learn and it was often the most painful events that taught me the most.  Through truly and fully experiencing my emotions I have been able move on and have learnt to create a new identity and affirm a life of ease.

Every day, every moment and every second, no matter how bad it seems to get, I  remind myself of the commitment I made when I received the ‘all-clear’ from my doctor – to have an attitude of resolve (in the form of inspired action) and to never ever stop having: AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE

  • Cheryl Schneider

    Happy that you’re recovered physically and emotionally . Well done ❣ Sharon is an amazing woman ?

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