Work Less, Play More

For those that are still striving, pushing, struggling and desperately trying to make something happen in your lives, I apologise if the title of this post upsets you.  I was in your shoes for a long time and I understand that you may pooh-pah my statement – I also thought the teachers and masters that spoke of this “easing” through life, were completely off their rockers and must be living in la-la land, for much of the time that I was ‘struggling’ through life.

Until I experienced the pain and heart-ache of desperately wanting to “make” things happen, and still falling short of my version of success, I would probably still be pushing hard, shoving my way through life and complaining about everything.

As tough as it is to see any so called “disaster” as a blessing, once that shift is made, life magically opens up to the vast abundance that is available to us all.  Gratitude for all the good and looking past the imperfections of life towards the beauty of life, is the turning point that keeps you in a state of getting more good stuff!

Yes, I work – often for very long hours but with a different mindset now.  With absolute gratitude for the ability to play and have fun, work has become the vital life-force that makes me excited to get up and start playing.  This positive energy has brought me more opportunities to play and work at the same time so that play-time has increased and work-time has magically decreased, or more accurately, they both seem to have melted into one.

Now, I’m not sure if I’m playing or working and I really don’t worry any more because everything seems to bring me joy.

Because I have lived through the pain and sorrow of illness, death and heart-ache I understand being in the space of feeling that life sucks and I am sure that I will have to endure some of those experiences again.  But I am not scared – I trust that everything is in divine right order and that I am equipped to cope with anything because spiritually, I can never be separate from my source.  God, Spirit, Divine Being – it doesn’t matter how you refer to your source – provided you know that there is an amazing intelligence and power that is guiding your every move.

Do you “know” this?  Can you FEEL it?  Peace is a feeling completely devoid of stress.  It’s deep trust that no matter what, you will be ok, regardless of any situation or circumstance.

A wonderful mantra given to me by a very dear friend, Donna McCallum, states “This situation is not ideal, but in this moment, I’m ok and in this moment, it’s ok.”

I love it!  It reminds me that even when everything outside of me seems chaotic and awful, inside I am at peace.  No-thing can ever change that!

I encourage you to play more and bring more joy into your work.  Ease into life, trusting and knowing that you are a part of this abundant Universe and that everything is in divine right order – it must be – aren’t you reading this at exactly the right time?

  • Joy Anderson

    I am grateful that Sharon has given me the tools to get through come what may. I find that it is analysis of the ‘State of Being” that clarifies the picture. (And that is only one of the aspects you have shown me, thank you)

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