Testimonial: From a near ‘breakdown’ came ‘breakthrough’

A testimonial I recently received from one of my incredible clients that has deeply encouraged me and I hope it encourages you too.

“I’m quite a ’strong’ woman that has overcome many difficulties and I’ve experienced some lovely triumphs during my lifetime too, but for some years I’ve been faced with challenges that have become increasingly harder to deal with and I’ve erroneously thought I’d get through this on my own but thankfully I was still ’sane’ enough to reach out for support and guidance. I found you, Sharon Castle!

The year 2016 has culminated into probably and what feels like my most difficult yet bringing me ‘uncomfortably’ close to complete breakdown in all aspects.  

A little more than two years ago I thought I’m never going to overcome my grief for the loss of my little boy Ataa and I’ve been mentally and physically exhausted for several years. I work very hard because I love to.  I’m busy and my life is full.  I demand much from myself and I get a lot done. I’m quite talented and rather successful in business but somewhere I lost ‘me’ and my marriage of almost 20 years is ending in divorce – a difficult and acrimonious one. 

Thankfully the universe spoke ‘loud and ‘clear’ and I listened because the results and feedback I’ve been getting needed action. Serious action. It is thus with enormous gratitude that I thank you with all my heart for being a terrific life coach, for helping me find the ‘cheese’ in another spot, for pointing out to me that there is a different thought process and a different approach that will (and has) brought about better results, inner security and a deep sense that all is ‘well’ and as it should be. Instinctively we know what is good for us and so we must learn to be brave to bring about the ‘better stuff’.

When others are astounded and they comment on how ‘calm’ and ‘well’ I’m doing under the circumstances, then you know like you know that from near ‘breakdown’ came ‘breakthrough’! I’m healing and finding the authentic ‘me’ again. The higher self keeps calling and I’ve come to understand, feel and believe that I indeed have value. We all have value.  

I’m feeling happier than I have  in years and the ‘joy’ has finally come for the 19 years I had with my precious brain injured son. I now look back on those 19 years with gratitude and warmth and respect for the gift of unconditional love and an experience that has enriched me greatly as an individual. Of course I’m sad and feel ‘loss’ for my marriage has come to an end but I honestly wish my husband well just as I am finding gratitude in what ‘was’ and indeed what is still to come in my own life.  

Coaching others I’m certain is not for the ‘faint hearted’ so I deeply thank you again for your commitment, knowledge, guidance and integrity. Thank you so much for showing me ways to get to the ‘breakthrough’ and that dignity and self-respect are always ingredients that will serve us well. Being coached has become a wonderful tool in my ‘toolbox’ of life and the perspective that it can and does bring. Whilst I’m not saying I’m a ‘dependent’ sort of person, being coached by a terrific professional is adding loads of value to my life and future in every aspect. I honour you for being who you are and the incredible work you do but perhaps most of all the knowledge that I can trust you fully.”

Most warmly, with sincerity and much love

Diddi Johnson  

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