What Makes You Happy?

What makes you happy?

This is a generalisation but I’m going to say it anyway – most people today still believe that if they had enough money it would solve all their problems and they would be happy.

The longest study on what makes people happy is an ongoing research project that reveals that having wealth will not necessarily make you happy.  I know that being poor is not conducive to being happy but I have also observed that having wealth, success and fame also does not guarantee that people are happy.  I know poor people who seem happy and I know very wealthy people who never seem happy.

Watch the video below to find the answer to the study that reveals that none of the things that people feel might make one happy, is true.


In my own life I have come to realise that my state of happiness is not dependent on my state of wealth, fame or fortune.  I am not ashamed to admit that through losing focus on the real meaning of life several years ago, I lost my way and lost almost everything;  my wealth, my health, my relationships and my friends.  The fascinating thing is when I had almost nothing, I became so grateful for what I had and that started me on the path of true happiness.

Gratitude has to be the most life changing emotion one could ever have besides Love.  Being grateful for what you have keeps you in a state of receivership.  In other words it keeps you feeling that whatever comes your way you will love and treasure because you have so little.

Thankfully, I have managed to keep my life simple now that I have achieved a greater level of service, which magically has created a greater level of income which has increased my wealth, my health and my relationships.

So it’s not the money that has created this transformation, it’s the gratitude for what I have that has increased my happiness.

My intention is to maintain the simplicity that was forced on me when I lost almost everything.  Daily I practice gratitude for the simple things in my life, like the people I have relationships with, my precious family and friends and the friendships I form with my clients.

Do you have loving relationships?  Where do you need to forgive?

Start by loving and forgiving yourself first.  You cannot give from an empty cup so fill it up then give, give, and give some more.

I believe the adage of “Ask and you shall receive” could be “Give and you shall receive.”


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