Addicted to Freedom


Its been two weeks of being confined, but today I am happy that I can give my “other” legs up so that my real ones can work properly again. Crutches are the most uncomfortable devices but I am so grateful to have had them these past few weeks so that I could at least go to the bathroom!

Emergency surgery isn’t pleasant but it became necessary to repair a damaged and painful knee and again I am grateful for medical science that has brilliant surgeons who can do wonderful things to help healing to occur.

Freedom is a feeling. It’s knowing that you can choose! Even though I was incapacitated over the last few weeks, I was free to just let go of what I had no control over and I could choose, every day to just rest and heal.

Over the last few weeks I realised that I take a lot for granted – the fact that I have legs that can be repaired – the fact that, in spite of avoiding doctors and medical science, I could gratefully accept the help of medical science to help fix me – the fact that I have wonderful caring and loving people around me who want nothing more than to see me happy! I am blessed.

I’m wondering why it takes a challenging situation to realise just how much we have to be grateful for and just how blessed we are? I suppose it’s human nature to quickly forget that, without people, we would be without anything to talk about – we would be without anything to think about and we would be without anything to complain about. But most importantly, we would be without anyone to love and without anyone to love us!

When last did you tell the people around you how grateful you are for who they are? From my experience, no matter who the person is, they want to be acknowledged, appreciated, loved and cared for just as much as you and I. Don’t wait for some calamity or traumatic event to tell your loved ones that you appreciate them. Don’t wait for them to tell you – start a chain reaction in your own life by telling each person you come into contact with today, that you appreciate their help, their time, their smile or their love. Watch how people light up and then be prepared, because something incredible will happen, you will feel the freedom of choice – it’s addictive!