Beginnings …..

New beginnings are always scary. That’s how I am feeling with the massive changes I am making.

Making a decision to begin something totally new and change just about everything, in terms of how my business works is probably the scariest thing I have done in a very long time, but staying with the way things are, is equally as scary.

The question I recently had to ask myself was “do I carry on comfortably doing the same old, same old, or do I take a quantum leap of faith and step out into this new exciting world of technology?”  Navigating the shift from where I was to where I am headed, in this world of the Internet, social media, blog-ing, twitter-ing, linked-in, plugged-in and overwhelm-ing, felt like my world was besieged by an invisible “cyber monster” that I simply would never be able to contain, because it was all so unknown, to me.

I jumped! In true Sharon fashion, I decided to take the plunge. I’ts been the story of my life, and its only now, with years of experience and some wisdom, do I realise it’s been the greatest gift I could ever have wished for.

For a long time now, I have realised that my “bounce-back” is much stronger than my “fall-down” so I have always been willing to take big risks, knowing that I would be building strong “stay-with-it” muscles. It’s what I teach, love and feel passionate about. Just “stay-with” it, and you will turn the flabby procrastinating, sabotaging-riddled puny muscles of fear and defeat, into toned, strong “I did it” muscles as powerful elements of tenacity and perserverance.

Everything is changing, my website, my branding, my offering, my service and my intention. Be patient (message to self), it’s all going to be amazing! So, right now, you won’t find a completed website, but watch this space, because it’s about to get exciting!

Actually, it’s already amazing. I am amazed at how much I have learnt and grown in the last 2 years, since I set the intention of stepping up the pace of my life to be of greater service. I am amazed at the people who have come into my life to help me and lead me in new directions. I am amazed at the energies that align to show me these new directions and I am amazed that, as scary as it feels, when the “invisible” is made visible through seeing the results of faith, belief and trust, the cyber-monster is beginning to turn into a dream come true.

I am reminded of a quote I heard some time ago “Trust is stepping out into the vast unknown, believing that there will be something solid to stand on, and if there isn’t, it’s having the courage to grow wings to fly.”

Jump !!

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