Setting the intention to create an adventurous life takes some courage.

Almost 3 years ago I made a decision that life shouldn’t be about surviving but about thriving and truly living.  Life had become busy and frenetic and I knew that I had to make some changes, so I set about seeking out people and places that would provide a deeper experience of life.

Creating experiences that are meaningful has always been important to me.  When my children were very young, I wanted to ensure that they would have memories that defined their lives in a positive and happy way.  In between life happening, I’d like to think that I did that as much as I could and today I have no regrets.

Embarking on this journey, initially for a very short time, has meant that we (my husband and I) have had to be bold and brave and take action to release a few things and surrender to the unknown.  For some, what we are doing may seem crazy but for us it feels like the perfect solution to what we have recently experienced.

My work means that I am privileged to work with people who truly want to change their lives and their health.  Sometimes the changes bring about incredible shifts for many of them but sometimes, it means that they have to let go of their desperation to be here and they leave this planet.  I am comfortable with that.

What became blatantly clear to us, especially after some very close and dear friends and family departed, was that if we wanted to experience the beauty and adventure that life has to offer, we should take some action and do something about experiencing as much as we could.

 Moments that Matter became the slogan that we began to live by and slowly, we have become braver and bolder.  We started our journey a while back –  letting go of some of the limiting and restrictive ways that society would have us believe is the way to live, was the start.

 Our adventure begins in a few weeks, and although it will be for a short time, this time around, our intention is to increase our release and ‘push the envelope’ of normality and shift the paradigm of mediocrity.  I hope to share with you the ups and downs of this adventure.

 Whether you choose to continue with the way things are, or take a bold step out into the unknown, may you discover your own way of making “Moments that Matter.”

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